Anyone following ADCC?

Gordon was explaining how the seeding and brackets works and he expects Nicky Rod the 2 or 3 seed and therefore to be on the opposing side of the bracket. If they meet its to decide the overall winner.

That said, I do imagine WNO will sign them both to compete against each other by the end of the year if they both stay healthy. It’s the match everyone wants to see

Anyone here attending ADCC?

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When I looked at tickets they were essentially all sold out.

Edited to say it looks like the green and yellow zones still have tickets available.

A lot are being scalped.

Im trying to get red tickets, emailed Mo…

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I wanted floor seats but waited too long. I ended up with the crappy yellow section.

If you have a connection with Mo, let me know! :grin:

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Green are still available? I ended up with yellow section weeks ago. I wanted great seats, but oh well.

I don’t I just shot him an email. Floor seats suck man, go on the elevated section

I had almost floor seats, but I couldn’t see shit because Braulio Estima decided he was more important than everyone who paid money and just stood in front of the fucking mat.

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I didn’t add them to the cart, but when I went to the website earlier, they appeared to be available.

Should have asked him to move.

Then told him.

Or made him

Wow, what a huge POS.

Braulio is cool as fuck - probably should have asked him politely and I am sure he would have been more than cool about it. Most likely heat of the moment

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So ADCC is around six weeks away. Who do ya’ll got as a winners?

66- I think Tonon or Kennedy
77- I feel like there might be an upset here, Mica or Nicky perhaps
88- I couldn’t guess this one for a million. Diniz, Mason Fowler has looked amazing, Tye is no joke as well.
-99- gotta go Kaynan with Craig Jones finishing in second
+99 Gordon
Superfight Gordon


66 - Crelinsten
77 - Nicky Ryan
88 - this one is really hard actually. My heart says Izaak, because he fucked me ip worse than anyone else I’ve rolled with at 88. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the got it.
99- Craig. This division is thin imo, perfect time for Craig to get gold. I think kaynan ends up silver or bronze
99+ - hard to pick anyone other than Gordon. Nicky could give him fits adcc rules if Gordon tries to stand with him though

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Oh and super fight Gordon for sure. By far my most certain bet

You think Nicky beats Pena?

ADCC rules, yeah.

Unless Felipe pulls guard early

If he does takedowns with him and isn’t in a dominant pin by the time points start, Nicky wins that in my estimation

Garry looks ill at whatever he’s walking around at to make 66kg