Anyone Get Judo Related Presents?

I received Jimmy Pedro's book, "Judo Techniques & Tactics", and an old photo, framed and enlarged, of me competing about 100 years ago from the wife.

Most potent gift though was the Stones DVD, "Four Flicks", from my 21 year old daughter. There is one disc that has the stones performing in small venues - WHAT FREAKIN' POTENCY! Best rock band there is, ever was, and ever will be.

My youngest, who turned 7 two days ago, gave me a football, LMAO! They are more fun than tossing a frisbee though.

My 21 year old lives in a house at Michigan State with five other girls and they have this bad ass Kareoke machine so I bought her a guitar, bongos and a tamberine. Later on after a bunch of Johnny Red and inspired by the Stones I shall turn into a one man band.

At exactly 6 p.m. last night it started snowing and it still is. Freakin' beautiful looking X-mas day in here in the Great Lakes State. Only bitch is I caught that nasty ass upper respiratory flu that is sweeping the country and have been hacking up lung oysters all morning. You know what they say though, "Whiskey when you are well makes you sick and whiskey makes you well when you are sick". HELL YEAH!

i got this badass black duffelbag and white judogi bag set. =)

another gift i got was a perscription of percoset that in no way could i possibly ever use up. i seriously think the doc wants me to become addicted to the stuff. =)

oh.. and, best of all.. i got new slippers. =) black bears. comfy as can be. =)


Hang on to those percosets for needy times.

The only thing judo related this year was a new Muzuno 100% cotton belt.

I got a DVD from an offspring too. My son gave me the new Led Zeppelin ( 5hrs 20 minutes / live performances) so I'm sitting here waiting for my wife to visit her sister's so I can blast it. :)

Josh: I thought you would have opted for replacement Bullwinkle slippers :)


Led Zeppelin, awesome!

Got the Jeon DVD from a Student of mine along w/ the book Judo strategies by syd hoare.

Not Judo but I've been kickboxing for the last year, and the old lady got me a pair of leather ringside shinguards.

And got a 2 liter bottle of Absolute....deffaintly Judo related =)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Happy Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and other related end of the year holidays...

My only Judo related gift was a pair of grip pinchers.

Best Judo from the Commander-in-Chief, a replacement for the one the movers lost ... of course she couldn't find Kudo's Judo in Action: Throwing Techniques and Judo in Action Grappling Techniques which were lost, too :-(

Mizuno Eurocomp :)

Well now my chest is a-burnin' but my head is a-buzzin' and I shit ya not droogs if you want to watch and listen to rock & roll at its finest pick up "Forty Flicks" (exclusive to Best Buy) and pop on the "Licks" tour stop at Madison Square Garden. POTENT!

The Boulders were as tight at MSG as they were 24 years ago in Detroit at Messonic Temple and I was stage side for that.

Got a new Atama gi that will arrive NEXT Wednesday (found out about this when they called as they were out of the size of a top), plus I got the Mfune Judo in Action tape that has him tossing people at age 70+. Guess the Gamecube and Resident Evil 0 & 1 don't count for Judo, but I am making the world a better place by extermintating zombies!

Well, my gf does not know it yet, but she is getting me the David Williams dvds.

ive got 2 dyas ago a new dvd TATAMI from camille de casabianca , wich is related to the french team preparation before the 2001 munich wjc and especially focused on larbi ben boudaoud.
an excellent DVD !

Didn't get anything but gave out many tap outs to my nephews and cousins Christmas Eve after having several beers.

headed off to tahoe til monday-- evevthough im completly unable to board. just gonna sit at the bottom of the hill drinkin til i puke.


Walter: I think listening to the stones take some sort of Odd Maturity... I never really liked them all that much when I was younger, but now I do.

But then again, when I was younger, maybe the memory of Jagger's Solo work and work with David Bowie left me scarred.

Jagger's solo stuff blows. Everything he has ever done outside of the Stones was a flop, i.e. movies, recordings, etc.

hahahahahaahaha Josh

I recieved sleep - and the whole first season of "24".

My Judo related gift is that I have another year to do it again.


Got a subscription to Grappling Mag, which is kind of Judo related. Funny thing was my aunt couldn't bring herself to actually buy a magazine to wrap along with the subscription check because the guy on the cover was "too ugly looking." Takes a special women to embrace cauliflower ears..........LOL