Anyone know about Aoki's Gym?

I'm a bit confused as to whether Aoki teaches at Deep, Paraestra, or both (in which case, where does he teach most). If anyone could fill me in, I'd really appreciate it.

Also, any info about the classes/school would be great too.


Wow, I'm guessing Pettas is the head striking coach?

Very cool.

Aoki also participates in the normal Gi BJJ classes with Yuki Nakai.

One thing I always found interesting is that he participates in the class
just like a normal white or blue belt would. He does the warm up, drills
the technique of the day and then spars. Most high level grapplers and
mma fighters don't do this.


So is Aoki a temporary instructor who only teaches like once a week?

Also, do you know if he trains together with members of the gym?

Thanks again!

fuck you have a chance to train at paraestra? lucky bastard.


lol - well im not sure if i will just yet. thats why i was asking about aoki and the gyms structure. ;)




Actually Aoki's main gym is in Nishi Kasai (I believe that's the nearest station) at a Paraestra gym. I can find the link if you are interested, although he does moonlight at the DEEP gym as well on Friday nights.

Pettas no longer teaches striking at the DEEP gym. His friday night striking class was replaced by Aoki's no gi class.

Paul, you seem to be very familiar with the two gyms.

I'm not exactly sure what "moonlight is."

Basically, I'm trying to decide which gym he spends the most time at, while I spend my year abroad in Tokyo.

I'm also wondering what the structure of the school is like (how big, what classes are like, what environment/people are like, if Aoki rolls with the rest of the guys, etc.).

Thanks in advance! :)

By moonlight I mean he does it on the side ...

Aoki will definately roll with his students.

I think the most important question is where will you be staying and how does the schedule fit around what you are doing.

I have never seen his Nishi Kasai gym, but the DEEP gym is a nice gym located in Shinjuku, which may be easier to access then the Nishi Kasai gym which is not convenient unless you live on the east side of Tokyo.

Paraestra Tokyo where he trains and teaches is a small but VERY good
gym. Real small. I'd say it's the best gi gym I've encounted in Tokyo and I
say that meaning the level of guys I rolled with. All strong, enthusiastic
and really talented guys and gals.

Don't be fooled by white belts or blues in Japan,...they may look harmless
but could be a National Judo champ for all you know,..I found out the
hard way with some ;)

Also, mentioned above,..where you live and where you work will
definately make your decision harder/easier to determine where you train.

Wait till you settle these things first.

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It's all settled already, actually.

And thanks for responding to my post - I really appreciate it.

To answer your question, I'm living in Sumida-ku, Sumida, Tokyo but I go to school in Waseda, Tokyo - so I'd be heading from there everyday and have class until 4:30-6pm depending on the day, except wednesdays, and weekends are completely free. I'm not sure if you know if Waseda/Sumida are far from where he teaches..

Does he train/roll there every day? four times a week? etc. and what's the place/atmosphere/classes like?

Thanks again! :)

Waseda (school) is in Shinjuku-ku, btw.

Good info! I was curious about where he was teaching/training as well. I might be heading to Japan soon after graduating for a little while.