Anyone planning on attending Bellator in Dallas???

I just saw that Ben Askren and Ryan Thomas will be having their rematch in Dallas on May 20th, and I know it's a bit early (tickets aren't even on sale yet) but I was wondering if anyone else is planning to attend this event? It never seems like the venues are full when I watch Bellator on TV, so I'd be willing to bet we could get fairly good/great seats for a pretty decent price. Lemme know!

I really wish i could go but I have to work.

We will be there for sure


i think diego saraiva vs joe soto is on this card as well

sounds awesome so far

My buddy actually texted me this morning that he got tickets.

 I plan on being there.

If any of you fellas want to meet up and have a beer beforehand, shoot me a PM. My girl and I are definitely going, and I think D241 is going to this event with us as well.


 I'm definitely going. Not sure how much tickets are though.  

My boy "Brutal" Johnny Bedford is going to be fighting on the card.  Not sure who he is fighting though.

He's the owner / head MMA trainer at the gym that I am a member at

War Brutal Johnny Bedford!!!

 Where can you buy tickets at?

 Where's the fight going to be?

I am flying to Dallas that week for my niece's Kindergarten graduation.  LOL.

I am planning on attending this while I'm there.  

They have them up on Ticketmaster ranging from $35 to $150.  When I try to search for a ticket, it gives me an error message about routine maintenance.

P.S. - The layout for the event is rather strange...They have it set up like a concert, as opposed to how it is usually centered around the cage.  The cage is way up front where the band would be. The description even says "MMA Fighting" on the layout title, so I'm not sure if that is a mistake or not.  Just thought you guys might want to know that, before buying tickets.  


waxwing slain -  Where's the fight going to be?

 Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie Texas...Less than 15 miles from Dallas.

ttt for Brutal Johnny Bedford

He's on the card and I wouldn't bet against him

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Hocky Balboa - 
waxwing slain -  Where's the fight going to be?

 Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie Texas...Less than 15 miles from Dallas.

 It used to be Nokia Theatre right?

Shit I live in Arlington so it's not that bad of a drive for me but I just need to get the funds to do this

 Might attend.

I live right by Verizon theater so I guess I'll go.

Not too far of a drive for me.... Count me in.

The venue typically is a concert venue. Not sure if they will have the cage down on the floor / pit area or if they plan on putting the cage on the stage area