Anyone train with Carley Gracie?

I've been looking into switching BJJ schools, and one that I've been considering is Carley Gracie's, who is an 8th degree blackbelt in BJJ.

I was wondering if anyone here has ever trained with him or at his academy? If so, could please provide me with some feedback? Thanks.

maybe take a couple classes there?

ive trained with him before, i wouldnt do it again. not that hes a bad guy, but i think his bjj philosophy is outdated, and the classes then didnt have a lot of colored belts, which i think is crucial for learning.

"...his bjj philosophy is outdated"

What is his Bjj philosophy?

Actually, from what I hear, his BJJ philosophy is still going strong: take your money and teach you nothing.

as an example, he didnt teach any half guard

"i think his bjj philosophy is outdated"

So you didn't learn the flying gogoplata or the reverse watercrane? Whatever.

Carley has VERY good bjj. Very technical, with great depth. He's old-school, and focuses on the basics - escapes, guard passing, sweeps, body positioning. He also likes to teach self-defence moves.

That said, he doesn't let the students spar much (which sucks), and he doesn't have tons of coloured belts. He focuses more on the beginning students than his more advanced students, which is frustrating if you have been going there for a while (but it's good if you're new to bjj). He's also slow to promote, so a lot of people switch to different academies after reaching blue.

If you want to train there, train, then go home. Just don't get involved with him (or his 'wife') personally or professionally.

Oh yeah - when you are done training there, call Ralph or Charles and join the rest of the old Carley students that left.

Never heard of him.

whatever has beautifully chocked out the correct.

alley the half guard game is a fundamental piece of jj. if you disagree youre an idiot.

wasn't carley considered to be the best fighter in the gracie family

"Wasn't carley considered to be the best fighter in the gracie family?"

By Carley, yes. In fact, I'm sure he still thinks he's the best.

Carley was awarded a 7th degree black belt by age 22. His contemporary, Rolls, wasn't ranked that high. Rolls was a a couple years younger, though.

Carlson was about 10 years older than Carley, and remained very close to him till his death. RIP.

The man knows jiu-jitsu.

Carley has great jiu jitsu and if you stay for a whole year i guarantee you will be very solid as a white.

Truths however are:

when he goes to brazil, he really goes to brazil (long trips)

He's a great teacher, when he's there

Ain't nothing outdated about his jiu jitsu, old school would apply more, but definately they are still very competitive

Very Nice guy, as for his partner? No comment

Techniques are still solid and he teaches complete jiu jitsu: throws and take downs, self defense, and ground fighting.

Cost is pretty expensive.

Alot of good schools in the peninsula area, monster island mma which has Sal, a black belt under carlson gracie legend clovis silva, Charles Gracie, Ralph Gracie, Rickson Gracie Academy. Might be more...

I don't know him personally but I have been training with his son Clark in San Diego at Rodrigo Medeiros. Clark has been with us for almost 2 years now and came in as a purple belt under his father.

Clark is a MONSTER on the mat so his dad is definitely teaching a great base for jiu jistu.

Clark taught us a class at Relson's last night; he was sharp and nice.

sal got his purple belt from carley

Clark desperately needs a Brown belt. I don't go to every tournament, but when I've seen him compete in the last few years he submits his opponent 90% of the time.