Apparently Starnes has an explanation...

Someone sent this c&p to my Fight Network email..

From a Sherdog post:

"Just heard Starnes on the radio station from Montreal.

Basically he sets the record straight and backs it up with proof. As many of you know this was his last fight of the UFC contract and he has always voiced his dissatisfaction with his salary. Basically after the Kendall Grove fight where his rib was broken, UFC did NOT cover any medical bills even though it happened on the "work site".

He said that he is one of the many fighters who get injured and never compensated by the UFC. He was well aware that he was on the main card because it was Canada, and this being his last fight he decided to protest in the names of all underpaid fighters and screw over the UFC.
This is NO joke because he claimed that the only reason Dana White officially released the fight bonuses was in order to counter-act the public statement that Starnes is about to make or would have made. However, since the 75k fight bonuses were disclosed Kalib's martyr actions may not be as significant.

Nevertheless, expect an official statement later this week as his gym is holding a official press conference on Wednesday. We all know that the "real" Kalib Starnes would have never fought the way he did and luckily there IS an explanation."

yeah GREAT explanation Kaleb thanks for ruining every MMA fan's night and disgracing the sport

Try wearing a shirt out. Or perhaps a banner.


Kalib told me after the Belcher fight that fighting almost wasn't worth the effort anymore as it was costing him more than he was making with the UFC. I took that as indication he was going to retire but I never imagined this.

Thats ridiculous.

 If this is true, that is pathetic.  There are numerous ways to handle professional disputes and throwing a fight is not one of them.  This should be the end of his career.

Try fighting like a winner and having your plight presented in an honest documentary. Now no one wants to help him

Don't shoot the messenger. I'll call and see what Kalib says.

 whatever, that's horse shit



i have been to fights in front of 400 fans where all medical bills were covered. its called "insurance". the UFC didn't stiff Kalib on medical bills, and he didn't fight like shit to try to get them back either. if that's the best he can do then his career seriously is finished



Nice protest. He got kicked in the leg 5000 times, embarrassed in front of millions pf people and disgraced his country men.

He would have been better off winning the fight, getting his measly win bonus and bashing management in his post fight interview on his way out the door.

The thing about political statements is that people have to give a fuck about you to have meaning.

 Not cool, IMO.

He gave his name a permanent black eye and disgraced his gym.  I couldn't have done that to my team after they were pushing behind me.

That was extremely disrespectful, but in all honesty, I don't really believe it.  There is more to the story because UFC doesn't lose a bit of credibity because he decided to run all night. 

The only people that lose are the fans, ATT and Kalib Starnes.


Ruining a fight in which fans paid for so you can protest.


I can't see ATT being involved in a press conference for this. They have too many guys whose livelihood would be affected.

double post

Gimme a break!!!

I hope they put him into bankruptcy with the breach of contract if that is true

If it is true, I have respect for him for standing up for what he believes in, but he better start surrounding himself with other fighters who will support what he is saying or he will look dumb whether it is true or not. BUT, he might have wanted to go a different angle, and actually try to win the fight, and then when Florian interviewed him, he could have said his peace out loud on the microphone with his hometown audience all there. Now that would have been an even better way to leave the UFC with guns blazing and embarrass the shit out of Dana.

I guess that was easier then winning the fight and getting a post fight interview, then venting.

 Why did he decide to "protest" like five fights after the one in question?