are there any real coleman fans or

are you guys just joking around. do you really think coleman will beat bonnar? can't tell if you guys are serious or just trying to be funny.

 Stylistically Coleman certainly has a great chance t beat Bonnar

Bonnar has lost two of his UFC fights to wrestlers due to their wrestling. Jon Jones, Rashad Evans. Rashad shot time and time again, continuously getting takedowns and Jones tossed Bonnar from the clinch.

Coleman, if he sticks to a takedown oriented game plan, has a great shot at taking this fight

Most of the posters are joking around and trolling about Coleman.

i have been on the coleman bandwagon since he burst onto the scene and have never ever wavered.


i absolutely believe that Mark Coleman wins this fight. I am going to put money on it.

 90% of them are joking, but I'm not sure why -- Coleman seems very likely to win this as far as I'm concerned.

As for fans, I've been a fan since the beginning and always will be.

Bonnar sucks, he's kept around UFC because he's Dana's love child. Just be real with it, he loses and still keeps coming back. Hell, you heard Dana say it on his vlog. Coleman will rack him, just wait and see.

As real as it gets.

Squared Circle - As real as it gets.

TheVileOne - Most of the posters are joking around and trolling about Coleman.

 thats what i think

I remember something that happened before TUF 1:

Fedor submitting Coleman in two minutes.

Yeah. Most of those happened like a decade ago.

Coleman was once the guy to beat in the UFC...Can't help but root for a legend like him...

Yup. Coleman's last professional win was almost 3 and a half years ago when he TKO'ed Shogun at Pride 31.

So there he beat Shogun with the legendary bararm technique.

 If Coleman, who invented and named Ground n Pound, uses his wrestling, he should have the edge. His endurance is an unknown at this point.

People are not required to root for a guy just because of something he did over 10 years ago.

Coleman is not the greatest fighter of all time, and he's been bested and beaten many times before in the past. He's 44 and far from unbeatable. His conditioning and cardio for the Shogun fight was terrible.

Irregardless of what Coleman has accomplished, Coleman is a 44 year old man that does not look like a professional fighter anymore.

 There is no way Stephan stops the inevitable takedown and horrific pounding that The Hammer will unleash.

He may box around for a while but Mark will be ready for that and has always had good timing off punches.

I see Bonnar just fighting to keep & retain guard all fight long while eating a multitude of blood curtling elbows, punches and chest all night long.

The problem is, Stephan won't quit for shit and if Yamasaki is reffing then we just may see some of the bloodiest canvas in Conbat sports history.

Poor Bonnar.  :  (

xcouturefan, its so pathetic if you really think I am talking about his body and not what he looks like when he fights. Not to mention how weak his striking looked in his training video. Or you could just be one of those Coleman joke posters.

ShanTheMan - 
Squared Circle - As real as it gets.