Art of hockey fighting

I have to agree with Tex101, a hockey fighter could beat a boxer if they are allowed to wrap their hands with foil.

DangerDJ is correct.

Too sisified to play Football ?? I think it's morelike the football players who are too pussyfied of the fights in Hockey. Lets put Brashear, Probert or even Ty Domi against a Footballer. HAH !!!!
Most of the streetfights I've seen end up HOckeystyle fashion as well.(left hand on back of collar, right hand swingin'!)


Lets see here the top fighters in the NHL would be maybe Domi, Parker, and Brashere. You're trying to tell us that these guys could fight and beat any boxer in a ring or street fight??

Hockey fighting is great and it serves it purpose well. But to think that its anymore real or useful than MMA training is just wrong. You talk about fighters being able to grapple, on their feet maybe some shirt pulling. But the second the fight hits the ice all 3 officals break it up.

Also if you wanna test your hockey fighting skills why dont you go start boxing or just maybe spar someone like De la hoya, Roy Jones, Tyson, or Lennox Lewis?

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To people that are saying hockey fights aren't "real" and "you can't get hurt", I say put on some fucking skates and take someone on who plays hockey. Someone in college said the same thing to me before I handed his ass to him. And this was a guy that would have beat the shit out of me if we weren't on skates.

But to say that a hockey guy is gonna kick a boxer or MMA fighter's ass is just plain stupid.

I've played enough hockey, and seen enough games, to realize that some hockey players can throw. And that doesn't mean they are tough guys off the ice.

you have got to be kidding!!!

There is a dojo in Winnipeg Canada that extensively practices hockey fighting. They call their style
"Ho Fi Do" (which stands for Hockey Fighting Dojo)
Some of there fighters have had success in some of Becky Levi's show. I fought one of their fighters at a show in Winnipeg and found that grappling pretty much eliminated any offence. I had the arm lock really tight and extended when the ref stopped the fight for fear of his arm breaking. It was a funny fight because he was swearing and was being a poor sport saying he didn't tap. I wanted to go at it again (I didn't want a controversial victory) so I stayed in the ring and incited the fans until the referee agreed to let us go again.

Dank is correct!

and why is that steamfitter? As a matter of fact I am.

Frosty, do you train with Doerksen?

I'm not talking about them being nice, I'm talking about them not being able to fight off of the ice.

what could hockey fighting possibly offer in any environment without skates on and hockey jerseys?

I have played hockey for a large chunk of my life, and throughout my last 3 years in the game, I have played the role of enforcer on my team. I have been in countless battles on the ice and have perfected the art of hockey fighting the old fashion way, by going to WAR!

My question is, do you feel that Hockey fighting deserves to be classified as a martial art of some sort? I could see it being grouped in with boxing and the sort as an effective striking art. I must say, Hockey fighters, the top enforcers that is, have much faster hands than your average boxer and are more adept at punching with their bare hands. In a pure striking match in a street situation, I would take my striking skills over any boxers.

Also, hockey fighters are fairly adept at grappling with one another, using clothing much like a BJJ fighter would use their gi, and can strike from a clinch. I'm not saying Hockey fighters could kick any MMA ass, but I think it is an avenue of fighting that has been overlooked on here.

bob probert was a badass but at a boxers level? UMMM NO

My instructor works with the Minnesota Wild.

Hockey enforcers fight like drunk guys at the bar.

I've fought Karate Black Belts and high school wrestlers on the ice and cleaned their clocks. They punch like the figure skaters they are.

Armlockaa, how do you know a boxer would kick a hockey fighters ass? It's never been done to my knowledge? How would the boxer handle it when the hockey fighter pulls his shirt over his head and unloads uppercuts at alarming rates?? They'd be like a fish out of water.

I don't think that you can compare some crappy karate guy to a boxer. Most hockey enforcers aren't even that tough off the ice.

How do you know? Have you done some sort of study?

I used to known some enforcers in junior. They were not that tough off the ice.