Artem’s Future?

He hasn’t exactly been mowing through the division. This bus incident isn’t gonna help. 

Too bad, Artem was starting to get some love with his choo choo mfers, and how he handled the mayweather goons, but bitching out in a lobby and then being a tough guy once your back up shows, is number 1 bitch move. 

Too bad it went so far. We two days from the fight. A confrontation between squads in the hotel would be inevitable and probably been much worse than when Khabib v Diaz in Vegas hotel. 

Gets cut. 

Fighting other .500 fighters on regional cards.

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He acted tough when his team arrived. Doesn’t look good. But keep h

him for his choo choos

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Doesn't belong in the UFC. Hopefully he is cut.

Conor is about to buy him a mansion in Ireland for making him millions. Conor pays way more than the UFC.

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Well played. 

Artem takes a vacation and comes back strong

Was he with the group throwing things at the bus?

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Haha - he shoots ..... he scores!

Conor coerced poor Artem into doing this.

Artem was sitting in his hotel room crying when Conor burst through the front door, foaming at the mouth.

As he saw Artem's shadow in a fetal position, he moved in.

Shaking Artem wildly, Conor demanded to know where Khabib was. 


As cocaine slowly began to lose it's effect, Conor began to hug Artem and whisper that they will have their revenge.

Stu Cazzo - 

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Lmao… Vote up

Don't know why you say he bitching out to Khabib. There was what like 5 or more people surrounding him. There no way he fighting out of that situation. You gotta be smart and fight another day. I've had a mate suffer permanent brain damage from not backing down to a car load of dickheads in a maccas drive way. Live to fight another day. 

There has to be one more alpha male teammate that needs a fight?