Askren vs Masvidal 10 Times

Askren 8 or 9 out of 10 times.

Askren has shown no ability to deal with the level of talent in the UFC. Masvidal wins all of them if they fought more times.

8/10 sounds good to me.

Lol, I probably will never forget that moment. I used to train every morning with Askren back in 2010-2011. So if I recall correctly he was a -300 favorite for this fight. I fucking put $600 on him and was so excited for this fight. I called my GF into the room as it was getting ready to start, she had just sat down as he got KO’ed. I just sat there silently for a solid 30 seconds, didn’t move and didn’t make a noise. Man I had always wanted to see askren in the UFC.

He had 3 fights.

One was a finish win against a former champion

One was the embarrassing Masvidal loss

One was a very competitive fight against a guy who has more wins in the UFC than any other fighter

His UFC opponents were handpicked to give him the most trouble possible. Despite the mockery he did well considering.

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I suppose if you toss out all objectivity and the reality of the nature of the 3 fights he had in the UFC.