Aspinall calling for Jones to be stripped of the title, says the UFC is protecting him 👀

Aspinall is 100% correct here… Jones caught between a prostitute and a bag of coke and steroids on this one…

“I think Jon Jones should be stripped from the title to be honest, because everyone else does when they get injured like that,” Aspinall told Michael Bisping. “I don’t see why he’s still got it. I don’t understand that. I think I should be the real champion right now.

“It’s hard to say without sounding rude, but who’s asked about Jon Jones and Stipe anymore? Why do we get this legacy fight, and they get to live by their own rules? What’s a legacy fight, a retirement fight for a title? I want to fight Stipe and then I want to fight Jon Jones. … I think all this other stuff is rubbish. Stop protecting him now. Stop protecting your boy Jon Jones at the top. If he’s injured, get out of the way and I’ll fight Stipe.”

Jones vs. Miocic was supposed to go down in the main event of UFC 295. However, due to Jones’ injury, the fight was cancelled with hopes of rebooking it in a later date. That’s when the promotion booked a last-minute bout between Aspinall and Pavlovich for the interim belt.

Miocic claims the UFC never gave him the option to fight for the interim title.

Aspinall thinks the right solution to this situation is for him to defend his belt against Miocic, and if successful, then welcome Jones back to competition. The Brit thinks there’s no interest from the fan base in a Jones vs. Miocic fight.

“That fight is completely dead in the water now,” Aspinall said. “You have a new champion at the weight, which is me. You got Stipe, who by the time Jon Jones comes back will have fought once in four years, and he’s 42 years old, and he’s got one fight where he got knocked out, and now he’s going to fight Jones, who’s coming off a big injury and again had one fight in three years.

“Again, who’s going to be bothered by that fight in a years time? Let’s move on. I’m the champion now. I’ll fight Stipe, he’s available. Me and Stipe will fight, and then when I beat Stipe, I’ll fight Jon Jones.”…ones-stripped-heavyweight-title-real-champion


Another Ian Garry perhaps?
Wins some fights and becomes a try hard asshole


It’s weird af that the UFC is still even pushing for this irrelevant trash fight between Jones and Stipe. That’s not a HW championship fight… nor is it a “legacy” fight. What legacy? A legacy of everyone knowing Jon was afraid to fight the real champ and is opting for an old man instead?

You’d think they’d want a new killer to dethrone him since he’s done anyway.


Comparing him to Ian Garry is laughable.

How is he a “try hard asshole”?

Aspinall just won the belt and finished four of the top ten HW’s all in the first round. He has already beat the #3, 6, 8 and 10 ranked fighters in his division and he wants to compete and be active.

Should champs of a division not have to compete and be active.

Jones has won a single fight in three years and is holding up a division and Stipe has not won a fight in almost four years.

Calling Aspinall, Garry and calling him an asshole is perhaps the most retarded thing said on the UG in 2023.


Who does Aspinall have fingered for the interim fight?


He said he would fight Stipe now and beat him and then fight Jones once Jones is ready.

Said there is no reason to hold everything up like Jones and UFC want and he is 100% right.

The Jones vs Stipe fight is dead. It was interesting ten years ago and five years ago but its dead now and nobody gives a fuck.

People like to see active fighters compete for titles.

If they want old and inactive fighters in title fights then they might as well do Royce and Shamrock IV for the Superfight belt while they are at it.

At this point, Royce Gracie has almost as recent a win in MMA as Stipe does.


Fact of the matter is Jon is no more the “Real” champ than Tom. They BOTH won their titles when the belt was vacant. Neither actually defeated a current heavyweight champ. Neither should be held above the other. If anything, Tom should be considered the real champ as he could defend his belt now. Bony obviously cannot.



Big Tom is correct.
He would make that little puffed up twat Jones, his bitch inside of two rounds.


Ngannou, Jones, Aspinall, Stipe, Gane, Blaydes, Pavlovich and Almeida would be a fun tournament.

Get Volkov, Bader and the 2023 PFL champ as the alternates.

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Hope these more self-confident comments aren’t the start of a more face-first ego. all fighters have an ego but it was nice to see Tom so chilled by comparison

I don’t think so, he’s just speaking facts and it’s what most of the fans have been saying too.

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This is exactly what Tommy should be doing.

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I’d pay money to watch jones dismantle this hype job

They’d offer Jon one of the biggest paydays of his career to attempt it but he never will… why do you think that is?


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