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What are some good BJJ schools in Atlanta? (If they offer Muay Thai that is a definate bonus.)


Jacare head of two of the top teams in BJJ Alliance and Master. Given that he has been involved in teachin the likes of Fabio Gurgel, Leo Vieira, Comprido, and Marcelo Garcia, he must be doing soemthing right.

There is also a Nova Uniao affiliate there.

Tiger Academy in Roswell offers excellent instruction in both Muay Thai and BJJ.

LA boxing is another place to train in Atlanta. They have both BJJ and Muay Thai.

To my knowledge there is no Nova Uniao affiliate here. There a BB from Nova Uniao that trains at LA Boxing. LA Boxing is a great place and is a great group of guys and has Thai Boxing. Jacare and Tiger are great as well. Most of the time in Atlanta where you live dictates a lot of where you train as it can take a long time to get places with traffic. So where are you living?


Thanks everyone for the responses. My wife & I haven't decided on the actual lcoation yet, but are leaning towords Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, or Buckhead.

LA Boxing seems to have a lot of talented people. How is the training atmosphere?


Alpharetta is close to Eddie

Sandy Springs/Buckhead is close to Jacare and I think there is an LA Boxing right by 285 and roswell rd. Essentially thats where Jacares place is too.

The training at LA Boxing is pritty serious. Check out the web site for dirctions to the club and see is our sechedual fits you needs. . if you have any questions you can call me at 770-792-7925. I work at the LA Boxing in Kennesaw, but I can set you and your wife up with a free class in Sandy Springs.

LA Boxing a great group of guys and girls training together. Everyone I have met from there has been very nice and they have a great group of talented people to train with. YOu could not go wrong there.


Jacare, all the way!!!

make sure you check out all of the schools in Atlanta before you make your descion. Tonja

Diego is a Nova Uniao Black belt and TEACH at LA Boxing, not just train. He is a great kid and instructor.

bjj chick: need your e-mail

The guys as tiger are tough as fuck. I fought one of their supposedly mediocre blue belts and he annihilated me.

They are no joke.


Hey! If you're moving to Sandy Springs, drop me a line. I live in Sandy Springs.

Here is my home gym.

That is Masters, Flavio Behring and Ricardo Murgel in that pic. I'm the guy in the black T. That is my basement gym. You're more than welcome to come and train anytime. My wife can help your wife get settled! BTW, after the training, its a short hop to the bar. There is a full bar behind Ricardo...

Thanks for all the feedback. I'm going to check out all the options once I'm in the area. It's going to be some time, however, before I'm back to training regularly. I need to have shoulder surgery (an unfortunate consequence of my recent Muay Thai trip to Thailand). It's going to be pure torture having so many options close by, and not being able to start right away...


Looks like a good home gym. I'll definitely look you up once I'm settled. You can't go wrong with booze & jiu-jitsu... they're two of my favorite pastimes.


you can't go wrong with any of them. ov1's is fun as well and he and his wife are both great people.

Doug - was it a MMA match or a rolling session? Who was it?

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