Attention BJJ Police! Another fake BJJ black belt?

Has anybody ever heard of Christian Proulx? He has a school named MMA Niagara in Port Colborne, Ontario Canada (near Niagara Falls). Here is the link He claims to be a BJJ black belt having begun training BJJ in 1991 and getting his black belt in 1999. He does not say who his black belt is under or name anyone he has trained with.

He claims to be undefeated in competition but can no longer compete due to a serious injury he sustained in 1999. His MMA program is a blend of Isshinryu Karate and BJJ. Here is his bio taken from his site:


MMA Niagara's Chief Instructor is Sensei Christian Proulx. He started out in Martial Arts by studying Judo in the 1980s, adding Karate to his studies in 1988. He first trained in Shotokan Karate, later settling on the impressive Isshin-ryu system in which he earned his Black Belt in 1996. Sensei became interested in Jiu-jitsu in 1991. An experienced Judo player, he initially studied Japanese Jiu-jitsu then switched over to the Brazilian style shortly thereafter; he has been a Black Belt Instructor in BJJ since 1999.

Sensei, who also has a background & past training in Boxing, was active in Karate & Jiu-Jitsu tournament competitions throughout the 1990s. His crowning achievement was his undefeated record in his final open grappling tournament in 1999. His final match saw him defeat a Greco-Roman wrestler by submission choke-hold; the wrestler outweighed him by more than 90 pounds!

Sensei's tournament career ended that same year due to injury, so he now focuses his energy on teaching & coaching others. For MMA Niagara students, he offers training & preparation for Martial Arts Tournaments, as well as belt tests. Previously, Sensei owned & operated a successful Martial Arts club in Kingston, Ontario. When he is not teaching Martial Arts, he is a Medical Doctor in private practice."

I'm not saying the guy is a fake but where was he training BJJ in '91? Rorian's garage? And who doesn't give credit to their instructor by saying who they earned their belt from?

 LOL--obvious we really need the BJJ police?

I don't know about the black belt but someone should check with the AMA about this:

" When he is not teaching Martial Arts, he is a Medical Doctor in private practice."


He's not on

I find it interesting that he says he is from Kingston. I have been teaching here (Kingston, ON) full time since 1987.


calling duck of death

His website sucks bad

Huh. I know a couple brown belts who aren't on your site (including the first female Canadian brown belt).

Then they haven't requested to be on there. If they want to be listed they (or their instructor) just need to email me as it says on the site.

...and Twinkletoes, please encourage them to do so (email me). I want the directory to be as complete and accurate as possible.

WTF is canadian contemporary jiu jitsu? lol

Denis Kang's Black Belt was also 1 of the first in Canada

 I totally believe that there's a Canadian BJJ BB named Guy Castonguay

What's " Canadian Contemporary Jiu-jitsu", you hosers.

Sensei studied under his Black Belt Instructor, Guy Castonguay, a Canadian who had lived & studied BJJ in Brazil under Professor Moreira.
I pulled that straight from the website. They never reference Joe Moriera - only Professor Moriera.


Just got off the phone with Joe,never heard of this person,he fake.

InvisiblePinkUni,he got your e mail

keep up the good work, boys. more phone calls ipu.

there is a carlson bjj bb in montreal around early 2000, i think. also, for brazilian bb living in canada there was wagney santos and m soares in bc.