attention team TOMPKINS

to all the guys Shawn , Nick, Alex,Mark ,Jacob ,Sam, Rob MacDonald,Sonney and everyone at the club , Merry Christmas from Brian ,Seanna and Katherine

I wanna see the pics of your baby with Conliffe's belt around it.

Brian, Enjoy your first Xmas as a family! how are you enjoying the little one? believe me the sleeping will get better

i will give shawn some pictures to show you dougie of the team with the baby, hope you have a good heathy christmas , hey crazy hook , my little princess slleps right throu the nite and is already 13lbs 2oz , uncle shawn is gonna start training her at 15 lbs

I saw the baby at the last show. Unfortunatly I was in the rafters with a video camera and couldn't get down.

did u see how beautiful she is , the team and i will have our hands full keeping boys away from her

did u see how beautiful she is , the team and i will have our hands full keeping boys away from her

Yeah, as a Father with a daughter you are now cursed because you will spend the next 25 years keeping boys away from her.

What is worse is that having been a young man on the prowl yourself you know exactly what to be afraid of.

In a few years you can get your daughter to arm bar Mark Hominick and BB2 in the ring like mine did !!

She STILL loves talking about that...

BB2 is her BOYFRIEND.... :) hehehe

BB2 is her boyfriend?

Awwwww...dat's cute.

she arm barred me at the last show got a picture of her in the ring doing the arm bar , SOOOOOOOO STRONG!

Steel Dragon... 13 Pounds already ! mine is 6 months and just crossed the 15 pound mark. When do the Infant classes start?
Blue namer please

Posting blind:

That kid has bigger arms than me.


Yeah its true, JHR's daughter (my girlfriend) caught me in an arm bar, in the ring, at a Team Tompkins show, in front of everybody. Dam I dont know where she has been training cause it sure aint with JHR with skills like that!

Say Hi to your little cutie 4 me buddie

Oh yeah and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you guys

I keep telling her..."Uncross your legs!"

3 year olds (at the time of the pic)... You can't tell them anything...


Her triangle is better lol

So is her rear naked choke !

Those are tight! Nice work JHR... she will have to be the intructor of the little ones!

I am her biggest fan.......

You have no idea how long I have been trying to teach BB2 how not to get caught in the arm bar. But now I know I'll just have him work on it with his dolly....