attn: 10th Planet peeps

there will be no wrestling this saturday due to the best in the west tourney

classes will resume on next saturday at 1


TTT for check's biker shorts!

dont hate on the shorts, you know you love them, ringirl.  and ive noticed you biting my style.

lol - I have actual shorts designed for BJJ - not your ghetto biker shorts with the weird padding!

i need a little extra to protect the boys.

tmi, i know

lol@weird padding.

it should be the unicorn pass

oh my god.

my eyes!!!! what did you do to my eyes??!!

im going to start wearing only those from now on.

If check or stevekt come in wearing those bad boys, I'm never grappling them again.

Be thankful checkuroil is not wearing this.

Yes, that "back view" illustration really helps.
So, you said you order these in "bulk" KT? Count Check in!

I'm sure Tait would love to roll with you, if you wore those, check!

I WANT A PAIR! do they come in pink?

Also, I'll be in class on Mon, Tues, and Wed. if anyone has mma gloves please bring them . i need people to beat the shit out of me while we roll.

You have a fight coming up? I have brass knucks. Can I bring them?


packs nunchuks