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I noticed you're the S&C guy for Sidyotong.

I have a really, really random question for you. When I was in school in Boston, I belonged to a gym behind Fenway (between a gay bar and an adult bookstore) which suddenly went bankrupt. If I recall correctly, there was a Thai boxing school that ran classes there.

Do you, by any chance, remember the name of this place? It's been killing me.

even if I knew, I wouldn't admit to it.

The gym had a decidedly gay clientele.

However, it was well equipped, and $99 for an annual membership (which could explain the bankruptcy). As a starving law student, I had no problem serving the role of eye candy for old gay men in exchange for a cheap gym within bike distance of my apartment.

City Gym IIRC. 2nd floor, in Kenmore Sq.? It closed about 5 years ago I think.

No, this was a first floor level gym. it wasn't really in Kenmore square. If you walked all the way down Lansdowne (with the Monster on your right), and turned right, it would be on the left side.

"The gym had a decidedly well equipped gay clientele."

not familar with the place. city gym had a decent boxing program (that was at least the 3rd floor), and Gold's was (is?) on the corner.

It had a giant climbing wall-thingy (set up like a vertical treadmill) right in the front window.

Argh. This is bugging me.

That Gold's is scary.

I joined there when I was like 19 and living on my own for the first time.

Let's just say that most of the male clientele were, um, VERY friendly, particularly in the locker room.

A word to the wise:

Never, ever, ever,ever, ever, ever, ever look into the sauna there. EVER.

sorry I have been away from my computer fro few days and asked around for you. I can't think of any gym off hand. The only gym I new in that general area was when Mark Nardone was running classes. Although I thought he was running them out of Gold's on Landsdown st. Sorry bro. Dr. Evil


Thanks for checking around.

Not really important. Just one of those things that bothers me I can't remember.

 Just in case anyone had burning curiousity about this two-year-old thread, it was the Adam Berke Gym.


Steve's ACLU NAMBLA thing makes sense now.