He will never give you another shot after that close fight you guys had last time. He got the W and now he won't want anything to do with you unless you have a belt or a huge name.

is this a drunk karo posting with randy's screen name?

Fight Koscheck first natural.

"is this a drunk karo posting with randy's screen name? "

Natural= John Alessio

you gotta hit him pretty hard to knock his dick in the dirt. good luck.

diego vs riggs should be next imo

OFFICIAL CALL-OUT Deigo or somebody tell Deigo so John can get his well deserved rematch

TTT-Natural= John Alessio

O.......K......... Ummmmmmm did I see the first fight correctly? I was pretty drunk

While your at it, some one tell his dad that he looked like an idiot wearing his sun glasses in doors.

Sorry, pet peev.

TTT for the natural.


I started another thread about this with a better title

Diego won't take this fight because it does his career no good at this point. Why take a chance of losing to someone you already beat (for the record, I think Alessio beats him if they fight again). Would be a bad career move.

I respect John alot but I see no reason for a rematch. Johns only good point in that fight was takedown defense. He generated zero offense.If you concentrate on nothing but td defense you are not gonna win and if he had been more aggressive he would have gotten taken down and beat easily. Kinda like how Diaz showed amazing takedown defense against Sherk but generated no real offense.

congrats on the win last night John. hope to see you back in the ufc.

I'd love to see a rematch John knows that he has to finish the fight now because Diego gets the close decisions

lol at this thread

Styles makes fights, and the natural is a bad match up for Diego.

I never bash fighters, but John, come on man, how can you call him out again like this.

You NEVER engaged during the first fight and RAN the entire fight.

you ran like a pussy, and now you want to get a big payday because diego
is way past you....

fight riggs or kos and then we'll talk

You did nothing to warrant a win against Diego. You took the backpedal approach and the number of times you actually tried to engage him I can count on one hand. I really don't feel like watching Diego get exercise chasing you around the octagon.