Hmm, Alessio rematch or title shot...I think Diego will probably go with the title shot.

alot of ignorant people here wow, im surprised fighters even come here, seeing the judges score cards last night for diego karo, there is no way diego could ever lose, just like boxing, champion always wins no matter what

"A mod/admin seriously needs to go over this thread and break out mass bannings for fighter bashing."

Starting with Alessio, imo.  Or are fighters allowed to bash fighters?

Should have tried harder the fist time jack*ss! A rematch is nowhere in your foreseeable future.

how about John vs Fitch & Kos vs Riggs then the winners fight eachother for get in line for the title?

In my opinion John clearly won the first fight. He wasn't running he was setting up punching opportunities. If a boxer in a boxing match was moving like that, we would call that great boxing. Hitting and not getting hit is not running in my opinion. John was imposing his will on Diego through out the fight. John controlled the fight and kept the fight where he wanted it through out and opened a big gash over Diego's eye. That's octagon control and that's winning to me. Good Luck in the future John!

"Unlike some people he posted with everyone knowing who he is and being serious about a fight happening. I would think you would know that, seeing as how you have his name in your post."

Hey, I'm no fan of anonymous posting (I've been posting on Internet forums for over 20 years and have always used my real name), but the UG rule is no fighter bashing, not no anonymous fighter bashing.

John, I think that you are a very good fighter and UFC caliber however I don't think that you deserve or will get a rematch with Diego.It is unfortunate if Diego was talking shit (was he?)I do know that you are very capable and hope to see you in the big shows again soon with a good matchup.Best of luck, Fredrum

John should have won that fight.

Diego never had him in trouble.

close, but John won imo.

I've been posting on Internet forums for over 20 years ...has the internet been around for 20 years?

Silly wabbitt!  It's not your fault, though.  I blame Al Gore.

I agree with Diego winning, even tho he was outclassed Alessio did NOTHING. He had him neutalized but made little to no attempt to try and finish, man that's frustrating to watch. Diego deserved the decision just for actually trying to fight.

John blew his chance unfortunately. The fight was his to win and he gave it away.
He should still be back but Diego is next in line for a title shot so he's not going to get a shot at Diego any time soon no matter how much internet trash talk takes place.

Hey John you had nice take down defense in that first fight. But if you should get the rematch do you think you will amount any offense this time?

The Calf Cruncher

Please John, shut this guy's mouth!

Allesio lost that fight. IMO if you find yourself being successful at keeping the fight where you want it, in this case standing, then it is now your responsibilty to aggressivley seek to damage your opponent in this realm.

For example, if Diego took Allesio down over and over and did nothing, then Diego doesnt automatically get the win. In this case Allesio had many minutes he earned standing, but didnt do shit but some jabs.

Jabbing and running isnt going to get a dec win in any organization.

And LOL at a rematch. This is still a sport that revolves around entertainment. Why would anyone want to see this fight again.

It takes two to tango, and last time they fought only one was willing too

Nice win last night John!

LOL at last night being Karo's fight.
You calling Diego the "greasy" little poster boy pretty much explains your warped perspective.

Cant knock a guy for trying to stir shit up for a rematch but the best way to get it is to win some more (worthy) fights.

TTT for John, you got robbed man

I hope you do get a rematch John. And i hope you beat the shit out of him. You made me a fan in the first fight. Oh and did Diego feel greasy at all during the fight? Diaz said he during there fight. And people have said he was greased during the Karo fight. When are you fighting next!?!?!?