Attn Kirik; Forum rules question

Hey Kirik, what's up bro? Long time no see. I hope all is going well. I have a question for you. I have been a member on this forum for a long time and I have a pretty good knowledge of the rules and protocols. I'm not a tight ass either when it comes to constructive critisism and I try to help out forum members with whatever info or feedback I can provide when a question is asked on here.

The question I have is this, I recently made a thread reffering to the similarities between Two of the main characters of the movie Talladega Nights and the Feud/Rivalry bewteen Hughes & GSP. The thread was moved by some moderator to the OG. I am wondering 1) who was the moderator and 2) why did they feel the need to move it?

It wasn't a spoiler, it wasn't "What if", There were no naked ladies (or men, thank god). It was just a funny but somewhat realistic comparison between 2 fighters that we saw hype this past weekends UFC. I don't mind it being on the OG, that place is great. But I had targeted it for the UG where the traffic discussion about the two and this weekends fight was much higher. Can you please put the thread back on the UG? Thanks in advance, and take care. Jon

Please keep this up guys so it can be adressed. TTT

Guys, 75 hits and only 1 ttt? Please put this to the top till it gets seen. I'd post a half naked hottie to thank yas, but the same gay fuck moderator that moved the other one may get offended and have the NSA cut off all communications from my office. Thanks for the TTT's in advance, Jon



ttt for jon

TTT thanks guys





TTT for Jon

The "internet hall monitor" comment on the original thread was priceless bro.



I hear ya Ryan. I understand that they are infallible in most cases I wouldn't even mind. But lately it's gotten out of control. The person who moved the thread knows who they are and I would simply like them to be held accountable for thier actions. If I can sign on here and see 100 "romo-shop" threads (and I enjoy them as much as the next guy), I should be able to have my thread stand as it was. I don't mind the occasional error in judgement or a misscommunication, but if this moderator is just some power tripping dick weed with a hard on for me as an individual, then I'd like my chance to rebut. I know that Kirik is top notch when it comes to matters of impatriality... but I know that he's also a sentimental old bloke, so Kirik...while doing your soul searching and bringing this rat bastard to justice, Please REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES!!!

Keep it TTT guys, Thanks. Jon

Damn that pic must be old because Jon is much heavier than that now.

Will, either TTT this thread, like I do to all of your pointless fucking threads where your out banttering for cock... While Im trying to give the ISWA a push, or go back to the navy where you can wear your little Popeye hat and gobble cock all day under the protection of a "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

P.S., Im not fat...Im BIGBONED!!!

Please TTT guys.


ttt for a WTF on last post

Just me busting Willtown73's chops for knocking on me because of my weight. I'm not the dainty butterfly I was a couple of years ago. But I still get quality ass, and have the right to not have threads moved for no reason. Thanks for the TTT's guys, please keep em comming.


well then ttt for still getting quality ass and needing answers

LMAO, Jon did you check your msg's I need you to call me big boy.