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Where my PBP Bish.

Somebody else's turn, to many dipshits around here imo.

So basically assholes ruined our good thing.

lol...It's on spike TV. Don't really need a PBP for that one.

I like the pbp, just dont want to know the Miller outcome in case its televised.

Prelims jerknose.  Prelims.

Stop bitchin and get to work EvilMaster. J/K. But seriously can you?


Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Thiago Alves

Round 1
The first four minutes of the bout played out much like a kickboxing affair, with Alves doing lots of damage with low kicks. With 30 seconds remaining in the frame, Alves threw a crisp right cross that sent the Japanese fighter crashing to the canvas. Alves pounded away and nearly got a stoppage from referee Herb Dean but Hironaka was able to wrap Alves up into his guard. 10-9 for Thiago Alves.

Hey EM, I'm willing to ignore Erik the Red if you are.
I don't get SpikeTV with my cable service.

Good prelims are sometime shown, jerknose.

This thread is missing the luster of the original EM threads but I suppose it will do.


#1 EM Fanboi.

Any second now Erik The Ped will drop some autostart noise makers here to make us feel right at home.

lol he beat me haha...:)

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Good prelims are sometime shown, jerknose.



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Round 2

More of the same to start the second. Alves got busy with low kicks and looked to let loose with his hands. Alves dropped the Japanese fighter with a left, right combo, but Hironaka survived and scored a gutsy single-leg takedown. Alves worked back to his feet, where he landed several crushing kicks to Hironaka's leg, the last of which prompted the Japanese fighter signal to Herb Dean that he wanted no more. For good measure, Alves unloaded with a few punches before Dean could step in. The official time was 4:04 of the second.

Thanks EvilMaster. I have no access to UFN in the UK so I appreciate the PBP.

Dustin Hazelett vs. Jonathan Goulet

Round 1

The two exchanged punches briefly before Goulet took Hazelett down with double underhooks. Goulet, from side-control, tried to defend as Hazelett swung his legs over his head and went for what at first seemed to be an omaplata. Hazelett then transitioned into a beautiful armbar which forced Goulet to verbally submit at 1:14 of the first. The Canadian appeared to injure his left elbow during the final moments of the bout.