Attn NYC UGers - Striking Coach

Take a visit to the site and feel free to ask questions.

I can tell you that Bill can improve your hand skills.

You will become quicker and non-telegraphic.

Bill teaches privates only.   He is not a conditioning coach.    He teaches mechanics and principles.

Estacada is a boxing based art.   Boxing is the core.   You are taught stance, footwork and the basic four punches first.    Based on the mechanics of the punches, flows all the rest.   Kicking, throwing, grappling, etc.

One set of mechanics covers everything.   

Do not get confused by the mention on Kajukenbo on the site.   Kaj is a training method used in a group situation.    We used to share space with a commercial school and used Kaj training methods to teach larger groups.


 Interesting. ttt


cool. I'm gonna have free time comin up... girlfriend moving to London.


Bill's a great guy and a great teacher. His fighting style is the real deal, and has no fancy bullshit. Anyone looking to improve upon their standup skills should check him out for sure.

Mike Codella

And anyone looking to improve their ground skills should definitely check out Mike Codella's place. I spent very little time there cut short by outside injures, but Mike and his students are great guys and Mike is a top notch instructor.

I hope to be going back there as well.

Mike Codella is a Black Belt under Renzo, he's got great Jiu Jitsu and a great bunch of tough guys out there in Staten Island.

And, if he says the Estacada guy Bill is good, I'm sure it's the real deal.


 Bobby, Bill used to be on the LES that long ago.   I think on E3rd St.    I am curious who you are thinking of.   There were a few guys in our group back then that at least looked the part.  Tattoos and all.   I never discussed musical tastes with anyone, so I wouldn't know if they were in that scene.

PS-Thanks, Mike.


 Could have been before I started with Bill.    I have been with him about 14 years.  Bill was holding class on Bleecker Street in those days.     The name Brian does not ring a bell, but that does not mean anything.    I will ask Bill.

 Do you know Kimo or Darrell?






"ekaye arent you a lifelong new yorker? LOL @ not knowing what NYHC is!!"

Not everyone in NYC in the 1980s spent their Sat and Sun afternoons at CBGB... though I did.