Attn: Showdown!

Dude, I still have Showdown Fightwear shirts that I wear when camping!

<img src=""

Best shirt ever.

Awsome shirt and dougie looked like a realy winner the way he was dressed this past weekend

I love my and I don't care how cold it was, I just wore long johns.

JHR would have been soooo proud. totally made my day...props to McNeil for coming up with that slogan as well.

The amount of times I've been smacked upside the head for wearing that shirt is hillarious. I'm beginning to get the feeling that my wife isn't a fan of this T-shirt...;)

where can I get one of those shirts? ( my wife can't smack me in the head,,, she's to short.)

I had that shirt on this weekend and my mother in law read it and smacked me upside the head

I wore that shirt to the bank the other day...finally i clued in to what everyone behind me was giggling

funny stuff,



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That pic is one of my fav's...some scary looking dudes....:)

" JHR is an Animal! "- Joe Rogan

I do have a hairy back...


fak i want one of those shirts too

Is the Hair bright orange like your beard?

real men wear kilts

You can get the kilt at but you can't get any more showdown gear except if you know someone who has some stored.

thanks for the info dougie

Dougie... are you going to wear your kilt at the WALK FOR WELLSPRING?