Attn: Sven Bean

Well, if that's the way it is, then I guess the fighter that I have trained in MMA shouldn't be in the top 100 in there weight class. (Melvin Guillard aka The young Assassin) Oh, I forgot, you are not ranked!! HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Son, just because I don't fight MMA, doesn't mean that I don't train. I rolled in BJJ tounaments and recently got third in the super heavy at Smackdown in H-Town. I have fogotten more about this sport than you will ever know, simply because I, like most fighters, am willing to work my way up through the ranks. Get a life BITCH!!

As for the reference to my Mother, I know that I could beat your ass, and she whipped mine when I got in trouble, so I think she could take you. No need for me to defend her honor.

I think it's about time we take away Emanuel's toy belt and give him a time out...

Oh now you have my wife turned on to Manny.. how about a threesome.

You are one sexy bitch with your dirty talk.


Hey Sven not to break to mood or anything. Is Pete fighting soon? I thought read that he might possibly fight in K-1. Also do you have any dvd's of ROF?

Hey Sven please let Bang knock the shit out of this Reyes guy so he just shuts up and goes away. Its not like Bang would take to long with him, it would be a quick fight. Really it would. As a fellow Coloradian, a former student of Bang (at Champion Martial Arts, a loooooonnnnnggggg time ago) I think I speak for everyone when I say please set this up. Think of the crowd you would get at a ROF if you had this grudge match. This is getting really old. It used to be really funny. Karate kid saying he can take a world class REAL fighter like Bang, honestly now its starting to really piss me off. PLEASE make this happen. By the ay Manny, Sven one of THE TOP PROMOTERS in THE SPORT, this isn't point fighting kid, Bang will take your cocky head off.


the problem with setting up Manny and BANG on a ROF show is Manny wouldn't sell one ticket.. NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE FU@K HE IS. He is a legend in his mind, but not in Colorado.

PassnSmash.. Yes Pete is fighting soon.. details to follow. I do have ROF DVD's.. Best of ROF #1 is in Best Buy now, Best of ROF #2, & #3, will be out very soon. Best of #1 fetaures Pete Spratt, Best of #2 has BANG in the K-1 tournament, and Best of #3 features guyys like Brad Gumm, Pat Smith and Travis Wiuff.

Dracul.. see you at the show?

You bet I'll be at the show. Bang always sells out, I don't care if it happens in the back alley somewhere, I just really, really, am tired of hearing this fag bash Bang. Seriously, it really did used to be funny, now its annoying and starting to bother everyone on this forum. He is a pest, and needs to get Bang'ed up.


This Country is wonderful... Only in America can a thread be posted in honor of someone that helps make our sport what it is, and then this little pre pubescent punk comes on here and starts badmouthing people.

Manny, I know you think you are the man. You know that I have never fought MMA. Email me, I will set up a fight in any promotion that will have it, and if you beat me, I will pay you out of my own pocket. It's that simple. You are such a bad man, and I am shaking in my shoes, NOT REALLY, but I will fight you, and pay you to win. All you have to do it STEP UP!!! After that is over, if you win, I will even make sure to come on here, and personally apologize to you, and make sure that everyone on here knows that you are the man. I'll even go one step further... If you beat me, I will pull some strings and get you into a big show.

What do you say??!!

Sven you are the FUCKING MAN!!! Thank you!! Will Bang fight in K-1 from now on or who has the best offer? Jeff I will be coming to Houston and wondered where you school is at?

Eric, I don't have a school anymore. I am a high school coach, and didn't have the time to dedicate to one in Texas. I am located about 2.5 hours from Houston, North of Beaumont on HWY 69. email me, and maybe we can get together... 

Jeff you have mail.


TTT for Sven.

Did you get my e mail?

go get them sven

Ban Manny Reyes! Trolls that are not funny should be banned.

Gary Hughes


yes I did.. the guys are fine. I spoke to BANG yesterday from Japan. All is well.. me please

ttt for Bang, Sven, all promoters trying to help our sport(s), and all fighters that step up!!

TTT for Manny sending me the email that I asked him to send. I'll even give him my home address!!!



Arias..mail sent.

Knee.. Duane, Christian Allen, and Betiss Mansouri made the trip this time.

Jeff.. we will talk next week when things settle down..