ATTN: Underground New-comers!

Hey guys,

I understand that you are new to the forum, or even new to the grappling scene, but I can only speak for myself (and I'm sure that most of the other guys/gals on here will echo my sentiments) when I say that it is bad taste to come on here and start inquiring about various clubs and their instructors' credentials/accomplishments without actually visiting them in person and discussing their programs, and then publicly posting their membership fees etc.

I understand that you are "shopping around" for the best club and the best "deal" you can find that will accommodate your budget and time commitments, but do not complain about the fees that most clubs charge (check out BJJ clubs in the US, the average dues for unlimited training is US$150-200/month).

Again I'm not singling anyone out, this is just friendly advice from me to you. Now, I must say that we do have a great grappling community that is very helpful and none of the guys/gals on here would steer you in the wrong direction (except for that bully Not Lettuce), but it is best for you to experience things for yourself and come to your own conclusions.


What is wrong with inquiring about someone on this board? I agree about not posting membership prices but I don't see what is wrong with asking opinions about a specific club!

There is nothing wrong with inquiring about a club or individual.

But, what's wrong with just packing your gear and visiting various clubs, and actually trying out a class?

I find too many people on here have a "Paralysis by Analysis" syndrome, where they gather all this info on various clubs, or various martial arts, and they have their "whole plan" on paper...they conceptualize everything and then nothing materializes from it. Then they are back to square one inquiring about more clubs etc...

i don't see a problem about inquiring about credentials of someone.....most people will take the advice and check it out anyway.....just if 10 people tell you that so and so is a scab maybe you should be wary....

Technician, you are the Miss Manners of!

Happy holidays!!!

P.S. I think it would be embarassing to Wagnney if everyone knew that his rates were so low, even though he offers the best instruction around.

I agree with you guys, you pose relevant explanations. However, it seems like there is the same thread about "where to train?" etc... popping up every 2-3 weeks on here.

All I'm saying is check out the various clubs you are interested in and make your own conclusions. I drove all over the city, visitng various clubs and training with various people before I found the club for me, and the forum wasn't even around back then.

My intention for this thread is not to debate whether or not talking about various clubs is right or wrong, but to offer advice for people to go and check it out for themselves, don't just go on hear say.

i agree with you.....if a person is serious he will call or go check out a club/facility...anyone who takes what he hears on here and doesn't do more investigating is going about it the wrong way.....

I hear that Karma is preety good. But don't take my word for it check it out!

190 Marycroft @HWY 7

My teacher sent me to check out Wagnney's and I had a blast. The best way I have found to check places out is to call or e-mail and ask if you can come out. I will definately be back to visit Mike, Josh, and the guys at Wagnney's. In the new year I will be checking out Joslin's as I have e-mailed them for particulars and plan to be there as soon as I can to try a class. "Just go find out" is great advice.

I am guilty of inquiring about a club recently but not about the price/fees etc. Now that you mention it, I can see how that might be offensive. In my case, I thought to go fishing in this forum as I have the juggling act of a demanding job and the second job of being a new parent. I was just trying to narrow down the list to a few clubs to make my life a little easier. I wouldn't simply act on information from this forum alone as that would be an insult to my the way Technician, how much does it cost to train at your club?....Just kidding....I would say that your point should especially apply to the people who continuously come back and start inquiring every so often. The part I find hard to understand are the folks who make the price such a huge issue. On average, I imagine a yearly membership might start from about $800 and go up from there. Often enough, I find the people who make such a big deal about this are the same people who wouldn't think twice about blowing the same amount or more to go to some holiday resort for one week and have nothing to show for it. Anyway, what do I know? I'm just a caveman.

I will have to agree about the posting of fee's etc. I edited an earlier post after your advice. Note: My research has shown that the reputable bbj clubs (I made that list of clubs from reading this forum!) are very competively priced so I don't worry about that too much.

Your assuming that us newcomers are not driving around to clubs and checking them out. But this forum is an excellent way to get some additional info/opinions from people in the know that have trained there more then for one class. That is why I prefer the places where you are not locked in to a 1 year contract. Traditional MA does that alot. When I question it they talk about commitment. As I said in another post: would you get married after only one date even if you got laid? The better places that have the contract usually will let you do a month for a reasonable fee.

As for the same question coming up every few weeks you will find the same thing happenning in all forum's of any type when newbie come online. Since they are just coming on they have no knowledge of the earlier threads.

Seems to me another recurring thread might be something like the top 10 bbj list or along those lines.

I will agree with the phrase "Paralysis by Analysis". Unfortunately for me I do that sometimes even when I am buying a loaf of bread. It's different brain wiring I guess.


Hmmmmmmmmm, I got my start from this site, and I too, like some other newcommers might have asked about prices, but I don't rememmber. Don't see anything wrong asking about clubs, after all if its not for this site some of us probably would be less aware about bjj/grappling/mma scenes throughout canada.

I do agree though that specific info about clubs is better discussed in private between the club owners/teachers/traininers and those that are interested... I also think that newcommers to this site really don't ask about prices etc etc, out of malicious intent. I mean if you think about it its not unusual or out of the ordinary to ask about prices? I know I always do when I go shopping...

Maybe we should crate a thread or something that can list all main dojos in each province, this way if any newcomers inquire we can direct them to that thread. otherwise I feel that 'we' are penilizing enquiring minds. (many businesses and schools, including universities, post their prices on the net, mind you there are the usual disclaimers...i just don't see what the big deal is?) This is my personal opininion!

cheers and have happy holidays.

I disagree. I think newbies should ask here for every bit of info. If you run a good school you shouldn't have anything to fear. Many clubs post price, schedule, etc. on their websites anyway.

"But, what's wrong with just packing your gear and visiting various clubs, and actually trying out a class? "

Well I guess that's a choice that the 'newcommers' have to make for themselves... and we just have to accept it.


CaptainCaveman, I train at if you come by you'll know how much it costs to train there ;)

New Grappler, I can see your dilemma with commiting time and money to a club, but don't expect to be an expert in 3 months...

Softspot, this forum is a great place to get started, but its only a start...people can't expect to get all the answers on here.

Cherrypicker, you're entitled to your own opinion.'re to deep for me bro! LOL

Again, let me reiterate the intention of this thread, its not meant for debating whether or not talking about various clubs is right or wrong, but to offer advice for people to go and check it out for themselves.


I know buddy, I'm just breakin' em LOL

ummm... so... are we SUPPOSED to talk about different clubs and money and stuff, or are we supposed to not? :)

"(except for that bully Not Lettuce)" - how did I become the Canadian forum whipping boy?


as long as you don't expect every 'newcomer' to have the same expectations and criteria when asking questions..., its all good...