** Avellan Kneebar Video - Props to Oleg Taktarov!

Hey everybody, last week I posted a technique video with Two Heel Hook Escapes, if you want to see it, click here.  This week I'm showing three moves, which is my baddest submission from bottom half guard (a kneebar that Oleg Taktarov showed me), another variation to the kneebar when they roll over, and a reliable sweep that has NEVER failed me when attacking with this kneebar.

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On Friday I'll post another technique, I'm not sure what to show yet, but if anybody knows me or my brother's style and has a request, go ahead and post it (this video was done off of a request). Oh, one more thing, I love feedback, so if anybody hits this move in training or in a match, please post some feedback on my facebook page wall at www.facebook.com/MarcosAvellan and "like" my page.

--Marcos Avellan

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TTT for you and your awesome kneebar video. TTT also for the man, the myth, the legend- Oleg Taktarov.

 Thank you aej1984!

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Awesome! Thanks


TTT for this tech and for Oleg

Marcos, I have a request. Back in 2002-2004 or so, you guys had a lot of success passing the guards of guys in competition that were known for having sick guards. There was a guard pass where you and David would put your knee in and kinda jump through to side control. It was pretty fast, and I always wanted to see the mechanics. How about demonsrating that?

 Thanks for the posts guys!  Mark... DONE!  I'll show the two guard passes that my brother and I used in 100% of our matches back then that people seemed to have no answer for.  People knew we were going to go for it but couldn't stop it.  It is REALLY EASY to do.  You just need to understand the basic fundamentals of the pass, which I'll show on Friday.


Frank Mir went for that kneebar vs Ian Freeman at ufc 38 in london...good technique



Great details. Thanks for posting. Phone Post

 Thanks Grantman, 5 for fighting, and Madaptation


Thanks for posting

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Ahhhh this is one of my go to moves and has been since coincidentally i seen it in an Oleg Taktarov video vhs tape back ten years ago. Frank mir hit it on Ian Freeman,i used to train with Ian back then,and recognised the move straight away,It jacked up Ians knee pretty bad. Ive used it ever since. I dont do the last sweep though,the last sweep is awesum il certainly be trying it!!! Thank You your videos are always fantastic!!!