Hey everyone.

Well, it finally happened. lol.
Today, I was awarded my black belt from Master Carlos Machado and his affiliate black belt Jamel McCurry. It was nothing short of amazing.
I started training in 1997 or so at a Royce Gracie affiliate. Many of you know the story of me being a black belt in kenpo and challenging Royce at a seminar after UFC 5 in 1995. lol. Anyhow, about a year after that was when I went to Craig Cramer's association in Cleveland, OH and began my training.
It's been a looooong road since then, but today was the best martial moment of my life.
Feels surreal. And, like everyone else, I don't really feel like I deserve it.

And yes, in case you don't remember, I am the one who got diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and have had the brain surgery, tumor removed from my back, vestibular and hearing loss, and bone marrow transplants. That guy. :)
So this makes it all the more sweet.


Wow awesome Phone Post

Congrats Phone Post

Amazing story. Congrats! Phone Post

congrats man!!! sounds like you are a true fighter that never gives up!!

 Congratulations McLeod!!! Great accomplishment

Congrats! Phone Post

Gratz! HUGE accomplishment. Phone Post

 I don't remember reading any of your story, but damn, sounds like quite the journey. Congrats. 

shit bro you make me feel like a pussy with my wah wah heart attack story.

big congrats on the black belt. truly a milestone that many will never reach.


Well done!


Awesome Phone Post

Congrats bro

Anyone who gets a BB from Machado has earned it 10x over

Nice!!! Phone Post

Thanks Naderhood :)

doubleRistretto - well done, awesome accomplishment after overcoming all that adversity!

Does this mean you are deaf now? I lost my hearing a few years ago and got a cochlear implant less than 12 months ago, but getting the implant meant I had to give up BJJ. I put off getting an implant for a long time because I didn't want to give up BJJ, but I know I made the right choice 100% now and I have no regrets.

Nah, I'm about 70% (although it's not measured as such) deaf.
100% of my vestibular system is gone though. So my balance is completely vision and tactile based.

Carlos doesn't toss those out lightly. Congratulations, bro. Phone Post