awesome slam by ref

Someone upload this link it is an incredible choke slam by the ref of a local fighter at a small show.



That was great :-)

That is great! lol

great clip.

Kirik, you've got mail regarding our meeting in Vegas :)

Who fights in jeans?

that guy shouldve slapped.


Horrible reffing, the guy has no business in the ring.

I friggin' LOVED that windmill right hand the downed man's balsy opponent threw after he hit the canvas.


I liked it!

Awesome Choke Slam!

Huh? I'm not "connected" to Kirik. He's my friend and I work for him. Not sure sure I was trying so hard. Although I do try real hard for him to actually respond to an e-mail :)

The ref looks confident as fuck. I admit to laughing hard but still, the ref should not slam fighters unless it's Gilber Yvel or Mike Kyle.

WTF, did that weigh 25 pounds? He picked him and slammed him like he was a feather.


Chokeslam to Hell IMO.

I don't have audio at the moment, so maybe if I could listen I'd know, but, why? What happened? The ref must have had a really good reason for doing that, what was it?

1st. Chris, ignore FatHead, he's.... well... a fathead

2nd. We don't know if there was anything previous to this incident, and the guy really was asking for it. That doesn't really justify it....but who could blame him? then the guy throws the gloves and headgear off, and wants to rumble.... I think he's forgetting what happend only seconds earlier.... yes the choke slam.... and just before that.... he was getting pounded

pretty cool, even with the mime-esque manuevers.


Looking at the beginning it appears the fighter was sorta pissed off about being shoved to the ground during the break and said something. Probably the wrong thing. In fact considering the choke slam it was DEFINATELY the wrong thing.

What the fuck was that?? What joke of an event did this happen at?? Everything looks like a janky pro wrestling event in a fuckin jr. high.