awesome squat video

does this guy have good form, is this what i should imitate when i squat? (don't worry, i squat light for now).

amazing. I'm wondering if that pace is good to use when your doing it for reps. Seems a little fast.

Those squats are done almost like a front likely he's an Olympic Lifter. Those exercises are very specific it seems. I've never seen the last few exercises with Olympic lifters though. So I guess it would really depend. For beginners likely no.

IF you can squat like that, do it. That's a great squat. I can't go that low, nor stay that upright, so I don't hehe.

i go lower, and stay more upright, but i am only lifting 45 lbs.

excellent form and depth...I hope that's what I look like when I squat

The video doesn't work anymore.

I know that guy. He is at another OL board I go to.

He goes down TOO FAST imo and that is the reason imo why he loses some of his heavier lifts.

I'm also pretty sure that isn't him diong 295kg! His best Front Squat is 315lbs but he failed the 325lbs I saw him do.

He 'could' go lower imo.

He doesn't really OL properly as he hasn't got a coach but his form isn't bad but he has bad habits. Strong mofo though!