B.J. vs Duane BANG Ludwig

May 22 ,its coming up fast...what do you guy's think on this one.



It's MMA...

Bang. BJ better not try to stand or it will be over quick.


I hope BANG kicks his head off.


I like both fighters.

MMA rules match I pick BJ PENN for obvious reasons, If BJ decides to fight Ludwig standing i think BJ would have the worst part of the exchange. BUT we know BJ isnt that stupid and will take Bang down with ease, Control him and submit him.

If BJ tries to stand, he will get ghetto blasted. WHEN BJ takes Ludwig down, Ludwig is getting cranked out.

BJ is the obvious choice.

TTT for duane....he has been one of my influences in the sport and i hope he demolishes penn's errogant ass...


If they keep it standing.... Duane.

If it goes any other way... which it prolly will if Sudo was able to take Duane down... then BJ.

It really can go both ways, however since its an MMA match... BJ has the upper hand.

penns errogant ass"wow you missed that one by a long shot

Great matchup .Wish it was on PPV ?

The fight is at 170, check out our interview with Duane Ludwig at www.MaxFighting.comPeter Lockley

I want Bang to win, but I think Penn will sub him.

BJ !!!

Baby Jay!!!!!!!