Back pain when running

it seems everytime I go running I get pain in my lower back and also my calves get EXTREMELY tight and it hurts alot. anyone know why or how I could fix the problem?


Good shoes and don`t run on concrete.

check your running motion, you might be running wrong.

I would check hamstring flexibility, make sure you have a good heel to toe roll for distance running.

Good advice so far. Strength, good shoes, avoiding concrete, flexibility..

You might want to find someone who can watch you run and pick your form apart. I asked the guy at the running shoe store and he gave me a bunch of advice.. as did my ART guy.

Speaking of which, you may want to try ART if its available in your area.

Depending on what condition your lumbar disks are in, may also be a contributing factor. I know one of mine is worn out a bit , and if i go running, sometimes i feel it. This also comes into play if im just standing around, in one spot. I can walk for miles on end, but just standing and not moving at all, really gets me.

Stretching is definately a huge thing to help prevent running pain. Make sure to stretch the front of your legs too.

Try orthodics. These are plastic inserts that go into your shoes and control the way your foot rolls around in your shoe while you are running.

I had recurrent IT band pain for a year. I paid the $$ for orthodics, poof, pain gone forever. When I used to compete in the Firefighter Combat Challenge two other guys on our team used orthodics - one needed them for knee pain and the other for back pain.

That being said, you are probably looking at $200 to $400 for a good set, so investing in some stretching and strengthening first might be a good idea...

Stephan Kesting

You could get athletic supports for your shoes too. I pay $20-40 depending on the pair, and they make a huge difference.

They make an old pair of shoes feel like new ones, and new ones feel even better. Just make sure you pick out a good pair. It's worth it spending a bit more on them if it's going to relieve pain.