Ball slam danger

I was doing Ball slams (for the first time)as part of a CrossPit inspired workout today and almost injured myself, twice.

I used a leather med ball and slammed it onto a hard rubber mat on a concrete floor. Several times the damn ball came right back at my knees instead of bouncing straight up. The first time it caught me, I had my knee locked, but learned my lesson after that.

My knee is actually a little sore as a result.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this just something I have to be careful about?

Yes, you are doing something wrong. The medicine balls used for ball-
slams are specially made D-ball medicine balls.

I had a client almost bust his nose with a Med Ball, for some reason he didn't think a rubber med ball would bounce much, as he went to pick it up after he slammed it.

gotta get the vinyl non bouncy med ball

A girl I knew who started doing CF put herself into the hospital for a day. The med ball was like a heavy basketball (12lbs if I recall). She slammed it, bounced back, hit here in the jaw, broke her jaw, knocked her cold, fell back and broke her tail bone.

Common sense isn't always common.

Damn, sounds like I got off easy...

canuck34: I'm not really sure why it was locked, I guess I was bending more at the waste then knees when performing the slam because my legs were still sore from the previous day's max box squat workout. After that I paid more attention and was bending my knees.

Most of the time I could get the ball to pop back up into my hands about 6 inches off the ground and get a good rhythm going. Every once in a while though, the ball would be out of shape and hit in a way that made it shoot out at a weird angle.

I haven't spent any money on my gym for a while, I think I may look into a non-bouncy ball (and some heavier balls too). Any suggestions where I can find one?

which is why people should get the technique down first before using these excersices

p2I - what kind of ball was she using? The D-balls used for Slam Ball would never bounce up that high or with that degree of velocity. You can slam the hell out of a D-Ball and you're going to get a couple inches bounce, maybe.

Titando - Yeah, your legs defintely should not be straight when the ball hits the ground. It's an explosive squat - not a bend-over. ;)

Ring Girl, she wasn't using a dball. My point is Darwin works in the gym. A person w/ some common sense would look at the CF WOD, recognize a move they don't know how to perform, look it up on the website, and figure it out. This lady was like "all med balls are the same. I will now perform slamball......." Burned hand learns best I suppose.

Or maybe just stays out of the gym and stops bothering the rest of us. ;)