bank of micronesia

not sure if it's the 1st in hawaii but they are building one on the second floor of our building... there goes the neighborhood. =(

"our building?" you mean team hk's building?

yes =(

 You gotta be shittin me.  Freaking micro bank?!!!  They have money?!!!!!

 By the way........Greetings from the Big Island!

owned by Budweiser right?

 Is this where they will store their gold teeth?

there goes the neighborhood

Look for a new location IMO

Good luck Team HK

 Hey Alpha,  maybe we could hang our banner to cover their "Bank".

hytbridstudent -  Hey Alpha,  maybe we could hang our banner to cover their "Bank".

then they will end up at your gym tying to make a withdraw

LOL at anyone thinking they will be making deposits

My Micro

My Micro

wherever I go

Heeeee GO

My Micro

My Micro

My Micro and Meeeee!

My Micro and me like to climb up a tree

My Micro and me, we're the BEST friends can be

My Micro

My Micro

My Micro and Meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Will be tough to roll those stone wheels up to the 2nd floor.


How safe can that building possibly be?!? Their $.59 is in jeopardy imo


At least we'll have plenty of chances to see if our jiujitsu works in a real life situation =)

Micros don't roll.

you better learn knife and club defense.

^^^ the trufh

 Alpha, I don't blame you getting an early start @ Kanpai

Raincheck and thx for suggesting the W last Sat.


 Fucking dick face fucks.  I was at Ala Moana Shopping Center with my son.  We were trying to go down the stairs.  These fucks block the entire stairwell and the guy turns around and sees me standing there.  He grabs his baby cart and picks it up.  While he does this I sneak through a hole and go down the stairs.  They're so inconsiderate and have no such thing as manners.  I did say excuse me but those fucks didn't even listen.

Was there any cameras???

Stairways are free-fire zones with micros imo. Just fire acroos the width of the stairs and spall a few along the wall at chest height and all is good. Or cook the fuze on your pipebomb and toss it in the middle of the pack while ducking out the door. Try to time it so it goes off in the air about head height. Both a pistol and pipebomb fit in my fanny pack.

ummmm kidding????