Barely flyweight teenager chokes out heavyweight man in street fight

He’s a kid, he’d get in very little trouble. The man shouldn’t have provoked him.

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He definitely wasn’t a kid at the time here. I’ve seen his age get as low as 14 in the titles of this video over the years. Pretty sure he wasn’t even a teenager at the time. And the guy he was fighting wasn’t even that much older.

Oh! And fun fact: you can hear him break his hand on the last punch. That’s why he stopped.

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Tough kid that fat ass was slamming him on his back on the concrete, he took it and finished.

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Tough to watch. At least knowing how to defend yourself is pretty important.

lol try 8 or 9.

I wouldn’t wanna fight that little monkey. Kid was full of piss and vinegar

Lol to much TV it’s why their big mouths get them in these situations in the first place.

On the street . . . the man in front of you is the enemy. Enemies deserve no mercy.

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dregs of society

Yeah f that

Meh, big dude didn’t want to fight at all. Just stood there with his hands down the entire time, no anger, no adrenaline.

A guy that size actually ready to throw down would kill the small guy.

he threw first punch then got destroyed

Oooooo another badass. They are probably neighbors you idiot. You don’t go fighting any chance you get nor trying to mercilessly kill them. Not like gang violence, criminals attacking you, and the like. But you are so tough, right?

That being said, hell no you don’t let go if he taps ha ha. WTF. I wonder what to do next though. Hitting KOed dudes seems overkill to me - and dangerous to end in jail. But you can’t just let him attack you again after he wakes up, and certainly not hold the choke past unconsciousness.

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