Baret Yoshida tape - great!

I recently got this tape and I have to say it's made an amazing difference in two of my weakest submissions - the triangle and the armbar from the guard.

Great stuff! anybody else view them? opinions?

Ironically shortly after watching them I learned some of the exact same setups in class, but at least now I've got it on tape to watch and learn as well as a ton of setups and transitions for alot of other stuff that I haven't been exposed to yet.

Agreed, those tapes helped my guard attacks a lot.

Where to order please?

i think he shows some good stuff on them, but i wouldnt recommend them to a beginner from what i remember

can anyone compare this tape vs. the Levo tapes?

I know that they probably complement each other, but I am talking about the differences in their teaching, what they teach, etc

but i wouldnt recommend them to a beginner from what i rememberI agree.

I just saw Baret's tapes and I liked them a lot too. The only thing is I had to rewind, play, repeat. You have to learn visually because his explanations suck. Nathan is much clearer in explaining the technical details IMO.

MNG, I guess I'd agree with that too, but from my experience, I often rely more on the "gist" of the technique when learning it from a tape and then work & drill it in class to .. customize it to me body, style, etc..

but sometimes I think the description can be a great asset. ex. Rorion Gracie. the tapes were so basic, but his instruction was very technical and good.

Sorry 'suck' was probably too harsh. BIC's right, once I tried drillng, applying the technique, everything was apparent.

Can someone do a review on tape 3?

Where can I get the tapes you silly freaks.

who is levo, what experience does he have? just wondering

You can get the videos on the JKDunlimited website by Richard Burton.

Levo's experience and background isn't quite known yet. All I know is that he started off with Geoff Thompson. Went to a bunch of seminars, learned from instructionals, magazines, internet, and books. I don't know if he has rank or who his instructors are.

from what i know. he did karate and got a black belt. found mma started grappling. met geoff thompson and trained with him. Levo and Matt run the Leicester school for a while and were part of august wellens shooters organisation. Now the club has an affiliation to Matt Thorntons SBGI group.

Nathan himself learned alot from books, videos and trail and error on the mat. No grade that i know of other than a 1st dan in karate. he is also a big kill bill freak, but don't hold that against him :o)

I'm actually a 2nd Dan in Karate :o)

Now I'm gonna have to karate chop yo ass across the mat tomorrow.

makes bloodcurdling Kiai at the screen



followed the link... saw that charuto has a spider guard tape. anyone seen it? Thoughts?


Actually, you can get the videos on the JKDunlimited website by...Burton Richardson. He also features videos by Matt Thornton, Randy Couture, himself, and others.

Richard Burton, on the other hand, has starred in such films as "Cleopatra", "Where Eagles Dare" and "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold". :)

Baret's tapes are great!

Can someone do a review on Baret's 3rd tape????