Barrel Lifting

Does anyone here barrel lift? After reading Wiggy's article (at mmaweekly), I started messing around with one of the big drum barrels at my job. So far I can shoulder about 80lbs. without too much problem.

Does anyone know any standards or benchmarks for barrel lifts? What is considered fair, good, world class? I know it depends on the size of the barrel and other factors; I was just trying to get some general numbers.


No but sounds interesting to try.  Unfortunately I don't have any barrels to lift :(


I used to shoulder my heavy was around 100lbs. The barrels are actually fairly cheap, 10-15 bucks for a steel one.

I just don't know what I should be shooting for. My bodyweight (250lbs.)? Of course you'll start at the level of strength you have, but I always progress faster if I have some kind of fixed goal.

I'm not sure about the 55 gallon ones, but..

Just go get a keg with your friends. Drink it. Don't return it.

I work for a safety supply warehouse. They sell stuff like floor absorbant (kitty litter), hazmat suits, etc. Try looking that up in the yellow pages; you might be able to find a place that carries barrels.

Ryno's suggestion sounds more fun, though.

Well alright. Rock n roll.

What I did was let all the pressure out, drilled a hole big enough for a hose to get in, then bought a rubber stopper for it.

Have fun dude..

Oh saxon.. I don't think you'll get much of an answer to your question. As you said,.. there are too many factors and not enough people lifting barrels.

You may want to look into Brooks Kubik (is that his name?) or Dinosaur Training would probably be easier to find. Or search out forums dedicated to shit like this.