belcher replaces terrell

at ufc 62


and im still gonna order it ):

PushDSFB33 you are an idiot. Do not order the show if you don't want to watch it superstar.

i like ur style bigmills

I know this might be hard for some of you guys to swallow, but I'm convinced Belcher will put on a better show the Terrell. Those of you that dont know him, sit back and enjoy the show. It wont be long before he is among the elite in the division. A real test for Rich Franklin is on the way.

Win Evert Fyeet Submission (Toe Hold) WEF-Orleans Arena 6/10/2006 1 2:04

Win Buck Meredith Decision (Unanimous) Raze MMA -Fight Night 4/29/2006 3 5:00

Win Marcus Sursa TKO WEF-Orleans Arena 4/1/2006 1 3:48

Win Ron Fields TKO (Injury) TFC 1-Titan Fighting Championships 1 3/11/2006 1 0:37

Win David Franks Submission (Strikes) EFL-Battle at the Brady 3 2/18/2006 2 1:37

Win Roger Kimes KO EFL-Battle at the Brady 3 2/18/2006 1 1:35

Win Travis Fowler TKO EFL-Battle at the Brady 3 2/18/2006 1 1:01

Loss Marvin Eastman Decision (Unanimous) WEF-Enid 9/24/2005 5 5:00

Win Tim Ellis TKO FFC 10-Freestyle Fighting Championships 10 7/24/2004 1

not a bad record at all (belchers)

congratulations alan, I'll be pulling for you.


Seth you are next. When and where are you fighting again?

Probably in October, have a verbal commitment for the October AFC card and maybe a fight in Little Rock in early october, was supposed to fight next week in Huntsville, but the guy backed out, so instead we are going out to Huntsville to judge the fights.

cant wait to watch

TTT for Alan Belcher

Not sure, but I'm gonna get it just to support Alan Belcher's debut in the UFC. I just hope it is televised, if not I'll still feel like I made an effort to support him.

ttt for the Talent

He has been training like a mad man. He is in the best shape of his life and will destroy Okami. Mark my words Belcher by total destruction!!!


ttt for Alan "The Talent" Belcher

Marquardt/Okami could have saved this card. Now they have 7 undercard bouts. The construction of this card has been overwhelmingly idiotic and baffling.

so no one wants new talent in the UFC?

New, unproven talent is fine, I'd just prefer it not take up 75% of the card.

"A Talent, has Belcher ever used that screen name?"

That is not his screen name. He uses his name. A Talent is his biggest fan.