Bellator 281 discussion thread, starts Fri 1:00 p.m. ET

THis guys always got ass on his mind.

Just go see your boy butt and get it out of your system so we can all discuss things here civilly without all this sex talk.

You dont tell floppy how to live his life . He likes what he likes


Suck a dick, Doug!

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K brb.

K done.

Tasted like FLoppys ass.

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Don’t forget the ridiculous home cooking decision that was hamill/bisping. Even British fans were heckling Mike and his dad after.


I’m not I weigh 185 pounds and I carry muscle at 5’11” from a lifetime of grappling and fighting.


NO one going to talk about the Chick in the blue shorts and white tops ASS??? You all let me down!

Amazing culo!

You must have missed my comment. Chick had a fat ass


I knew Coker was pissed watching the fight lol


The way page fights to beat him you have to be boring and wrestle. Page is trash though and doesn’t deserve to be in the big leagues.

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4-1 storley.

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Congrats for becoming the newest most boring champion. Golf clap.

Sure, he won a leg riding competition but he won’t be winning any fans. Except tosspots who like watching grown men ride each other. Aka faggots.

Crazy about the lack of effect from edibles considering you’re not a gigantic fat person.


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this is somehow gay and masculine at the same time.

i think adding kegels to the routine makes it more and less gay, at the same time.

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I have to eat a lot to feel them at all also and I am not particularly fat and I dont smoke a shit ton really.

At least mentally, I get relaxed but not HIGH like with smoking and vaping.

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is there a UFC Fight Night thread for tonight?

Bellator was tons of fun, gonna be weird watching chicks go 3 rounds with not much happening after seeing the fighters last night rolling on the Bloody mat and sick finishes lol