Beneficial calisthenics from wrestling

I am focusing on the work outs I can do with what I have at my apartment without a gym membership. I got a ton of weights and a treadmill. I am going to focus, however, a lot on calisthenics, pushups, free squats, Hindu pushups, bridging and lunges. I am trying to remember the rest of the stuff from my highschool wrestling days but am drawing a blank. What would you guys add for calisthenics that I haven't listed?

Thanks in advance.

burpees and the million different variations Phone Post 3.0

for a finisher Phone Post 3.0

Thanks dude, although I was avoiding those haha

Hey OP, do you have a partner you can workout with?

We used to do these partner drills at the end of practice:

1) Wheelbarrows: partner holds ankles at waist height one lap, then partner holds ankles at shoulder height for another lap

2) Piggyback sprints and squats

3) "Wedding night" carries, i.e., carry your partner across the mat as if carrying a woman across a threshold

4) Partner carries across the mat after a standing double leg or after a fireman's lift

5) Koala carries, i.e., carry your partner that's holding on to you like how a baby Koala holds on to his mom from the front

If you don't have a partner, maybe you can get a sandbag or a heavy duffel bag for some of these exercises.

Handstand pushups are great...kick up against a wall to help with balancing and have at it. Phone Post 3.0

rope climbs or some variation of; you can get a door jam pull-up bar and hang a towel on it to grip if you need to.

I love doing sprawls into shots against the wall and explosive hip heists, too. Phone Post 3.0

What are your goals?

Strength, and functional muscle.