Best Gi to use for training

I'm looking to get a new gi for training and competition.

What do you guys recommend? I honestly don't care about price. I just want a great, quality gi to use.

Whats best? Howard Kimonos? Keiko Raca? Gameness? etc.

Please help!

My Howards have lasted me forever. They never let me down.

*coughs*, Harold Howard fan!

I have had Machado, Atama, and Howard. They are all of equal quality. All three brands have ripped on me. Out of those three I like the Machados the best. Something about the Atamas are just too plain for me.

The Keiko looks sweet. I would try a Koral but it looks like they dont make a gold weave. So when I get some more gi's soon I will be getting either a Machado Hybrid, Machado V&M with the logo on the back, or the Keiko raca with the stuff on the sleave.

There are way more good gi's out there then bad ones. It may be a little easier to ask what gi's not to get.

I own ant ATAMA, Machado gold weave, and a Koral. The Koral is strong and light and well worth the money. The Machado is a quality gi as well i love th fit too. The ATAMA's are just bad ass. All three of these gi's are good in fit. Not baggy not too tight, but perfect.

You need to find the gi that fits you best and feels
the best to you. In my case, Machado, Gameness,
and especially Koral have fit the best. Love the

atama gets my vote

KF Fighter the gi used by many great champions.

Atama gold weave. I got one for XMASS, and it's AWSOME BABY!!! Atama get my vote

MKimono and HCK get my vote. Gameness is not bad but I don't like the skirt. Apparently the new ones don't have the skirt but I don't think I will change from the above 2 in a hurry.


great everday training gi= ATAMA Single weave.

Great competition gi= ATAMA Double Weave.

I love my double weave ATAMA and it's a good competition choice as the thicker gi is a little more difficult for your opponent to manipulate. If you are in a hotter climate, you may not like it for training everday. In that case a single weave is great for everyday training and occasional comepting. Hope this helps!

What is the difference between ATAMA gold weave and single/double weave?

Koral!!!! I have 2 Adidas Gi's & the Koral is much softer more comfortable & fits better.

Thanks for the input guys!

Angelo Popofski, what's your thoughts on the gold weave?

I just got my Atama Gold Weave in the summer, just a head's up with atama, i found that they shrink quite a bit. I orginaly got a A4 based on the dudes advice, it shrank quite a bit but was still a little big, so i traded with a friend for a new A3 and it shrank to a nice fit. I am 6'1" 170, tall thin build. So far my only complaint is that I wish the tail was a little shorter, might have my tailor take off and inch off the bottom.

I have used the same KF gi for 2ys and it's light and in great shape.

i like my KF gold.. wish the collar was thicker.