Best Gi's

Also, with respect to the Atama gi, their Mundial 10 model, it’s a shame that they wrote something corny on it because it’s otherwise very nice, imo.

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I think the Keiko gis are really good looking. They aren’t completely plain but they are on the understated side, which I like. They are tasteful. The quality and feel is great. And Paula is awesome to interact with.

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I have The Path Gi from Origin Main. The logo on the back between the shoulder blades is small and unobtrusive and no other markings on the arms. I did get the pro pants, which are a different material and don’t completely match but doesn’t look bad. I don’t think I’d upgrade the pants again if I purchased again.

I had mine in 2 weeks from the date of order. Got the belt too which is the best part.

I went on Atama USA and I didn’t see anything available.

I got an HCK unbleached single weave (for $50 USD) when I was a blue belt in 2000 and I wore it a few times per week until 2014. It was by far the best kimono I’ve ever had. Sadly, they stopped making them.