Best Liddell yet

THat was the best I have seen him look since Paul Jones. His agressiveness, acuracy, timing,focus and speed looked better than ever.

I think we may have seen a diff. outcome against Rampage had he peaked like he did last Fri. In fact... I am not sure any LHW could have beat Liddell on Fri. Can't wait to see more.

Great fight!

He did look awesome. He seemed to be a different type of striker. He had a lot more jabs and crosses, and used the overhand sparingly. He also was very aggressive. I can't wait to see his next fight.

Chuck fought a great fight

lol... like a rock straight to the bottom... lol

the KO clip is here:




I liked how Liddell hung with Pele 30 minutes, kicking him in the nuts several times for butt scooting. Pele was visibly hurt and couldn't mount any offense. You won't see THAT in MMA these days.
But Vandy will still have a field day with him.

If Chuck keeps the straight punches in his arsenal he could give Vandy trouble. I don't know who would win but it would be a great fight.

Wanderlei would win. Chuck is still the man.

rumor has it that Gold Dragon would like to make his feelings known about this fight

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I think Silva, Chuck, Vitor, and Rampage, would all be a very interesting and exciting match ups. I would'nt really know who to pick as a winner, because each one could come on top on any given day. I think Tito is just below their level right now and would lose to almost all of them at any given day. Randy would be the guy who would most likely to beat any of them on any given day. And beating Randy would by any of the 4 would be consider an upset but not out of the question.

they should just set up a triple threat match like in WWE, Put vitor, chuck and randy in the octagon at the same time close the gate and watch what happens.

Flip guard, with the exception of Liddel, I dont either Silva, Belfort or Rampage could keep Tito from taking them down. From there its gnp defense for them imo.

belfort-best natural ablity(hand speed)



lidell-best ko power (one punch)

rampage-best avg. of above

Hopefully we find out we the best is in the next 12-24 months.

I think it will be belfort . 

I also thought Chuck was at his very best against Tito.

Gary Hughes

He also was pretty damn good against Babalu

Chuck rules.......

pit thank chuck for a great fight and ALL THAT FREAKIN MONEY HE WON ME!!!

TTT 4 the ICEMAN!!