Best MMA striking instructional?

Which instructionals would you guys say are the best for striking within an MMA context? I am not talking about striking in the clinch, but, rather, striking "at range" or "kickboxer's/boxer's" range.

This area of fighting seems to have been neglected in the world of instructionals, but perhaps I am wrong.

Help here would be appreciated guys.

Many will say the streetboxing series. I haven't seen them.

Don Familton's tape are awesome- but they are completely geared towards boxing.

I dont have much standup training, but Rodney Kings tapes are excellent. I havent seen his latest- Sparring 101, but I have heard it is the best.

For a nice review:

Miletich's set is pretty good too.

Duane "Bang" Ludwig has recently released a set of training tapes.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.


What about Rodney King's instructionals? I thought they were pretty good.

Rodney king's stuff is great... His UK & Denmark seminar is one of the best Ive seen...

Can you still get the Bas Rutten's Extreme Pancrase series?


If you arent recommending Rodney King's videos, its because you havent seen them yet.

If you are going to get the King stuff should you get the Street boxing videos first, or does it matter?



Rodney King´s Denmark seminar is the best mma striking instructional I have ever seen.

I highly reccomend Rodney Kings UK & Denmark seminar DVD! Couple that with his Sparring 101 DVD and you have an excellent resource to work with!


Denmark Seminars:

The other Vids (Sparring 101 etc.):

good stuff

You can order his tapes at


Cannot say enough about Rodney King's stuff. I have all of them and would say start with th Denmark seminar and Sparring 101. Can anybody tell more about Ludwig's new series? What does it cover?