Best Pistol In the $300 Range?

A local gun store has these. Which would you go with?

Ruger KP95DAO, 9mm caliber $299.95

Beretta Model 92F 9MM semi auto pistol. Blued with one 15 round magazine $349.99

Glock Model 22 40S&W semi auto pistol. These are police second generation trade-in guns and come with one 15 round magazine. $369.99

Ruger P85 MKII, 9mm caliber, $269.95

Ruger P89, 9mm caliber, $279.95

S&W 4043 semi auto pistol, 40S&W caliber $269.95

Beretta 9 is a great gun...I had that Ruger, it was ok.

I dont like Glock 22's

Go Berretta, will last forever and always shoot


stolen Glock

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Don't waste your money. $300 won't get you anything but garbage.

Save up another couple hundred and get a Springfield Mil Spec.

Glock 22

Mostly home protection and shooting at the $12 range

300 bucks?

Anything with a serial number.

I'm partial to Ruger, being my first gun was a .22 heavy barrel, but a .38 Saturday Night Special is the leading killer.

^^^Could you possibly give reasons for why they are shit? rather than calling everything you don't own shit.

I would go with the Beretta; I dig the frame safety/de-cock for carry with one in the pipe.

I've always been partial to Ruger's.

If you want a gun to plink with, with minimal troubles get one of the rugers newer than P89 vintage. P89 MKII or newer.

My dad's MKII has about 6000 rounds through and my 93DC that I got used (no idea how many through when I got it) I put about 5-6000 rounds thru ($10 / 100rd specials are great) over a couple of years, both worked like champs. With my gun maybe 2 jams/misfeeds/stovepipes the whole time, one I remember for sure was a cheap lead RN reload. Otherwise the damn guns digest everything without complaint and come back for more. Glocks are not so compliant esp. with reloads and SWC's.

I was never a big fan of the long trigger pull of the Ruger autos but I got used to it. The Rugers have a nice backstrap so long shooting sessions are fairly comfortable.

I moved on since that gun to a USP-C and now a springfield XD subcompact since I wanted a carry gun. I have put more trouble-free rounds thru Ruger pistols (Mk1, MkII, P89, P93), and rifles (10/22, Mini 14) than any other guns in my adult gun-owning life so I am 100% partial when it comes to questions about what is a reliable gun for the money.

You also might consider a used Springfield XD but I dont think they will dip below 3 bills unless a private seller at a show. I'm very happy with my XD so far.

I was actually thinking used Glock before I opened the thread. It's the way to go.

Hmm, thanks.

I'd get a new Ruger.  Those Glocks could have like 10k rounds through them by now.

Ruger will last forever.

Interesting, are there any articles that outline the low quality as well as reliability problems that go with Ruger's firearms?

springfield xd. great gun. i put well over 1000 rounds through mine and never had a jam misfire or anything. also very smotth shooting gun. the cost about 500 though but definately worht the extra money. i dontlike glocks. not necessarily because of the qaulity they are just not comfortable to me as far as shooting them goes.