Best Quote Ever: Tito on Noah

Dude, don't chase her. Become a champion and let the girls chase YOU.

fantastic advice!

Tits,ass,legs,thighs,lips, and pussy is all good!!Just don't let it get in the way of your dreams.

I think that is one of the best quotes eva!

I'm telling you, BigJimmy54 - that comment made closure for me on the entire situation. THAT is how a champion thinks - out of abundance, rather than a scarcity mentality.

Let the girls chase YOU.

Don't you FEEL how that attitude completely alters the man who believes it?

Even as a psychologist, if a dude talked about "closure" in my office... I would have to hold back a slap.

no way it tops "do you want to be a fucking fighter?"

it's an annoying term and I actually thought about deleting it, but it was appropriate. It sealed the deal for me.

It blows away "do you want to be a fucking fighter", RKing85

simply awsome

I'll tell you one thing about Tito, I didn't care for him too much until seeing him on the Ultimate Fighter. He shows alot of humanity and willingness to expose himself that's truly admirable, and a dedication and love of the fighters that makes him, for me, impossible not to like and admire.

His stock skyrocketed for me after watching TUF...just as Shamrock's took a precipitous dive.


er, what's wrong with the term "closure"?

Noah wouldn't have become a world champion anyways, so good choice for him.

Watch Hagler vs Mugabe to know what it means to be a world champ.


robert duvall always walks like he's had a metal rod just shoved up his ass

or an old cowboy, take your pick

I'd say metal rod, you'd have a bit of trouble getting an old cowboy in there, what with the hat and spurs and all...

Words to live by.

"first you get the world champ

then you get the power

then you get the women"

You forgot when you get the $$$!

Uhm...dude.....they're fighting for the UFC...No money there.