best skipping rope?

what do you guys recommend? I need to pick up a new one.

been looking at a bunch from

anyone know wnything about the buddy lee ropes?

Buddy Lee ropes are awesome. I highly recommend them.


Get the "Boa" from Ironmind

thanks guys.

Taku, Buddy Lee sells a couple different models...any specific one I should be looking at?

Choices are:

Buddy Lee's Aero Speed Jump Rope

Buddy Lee's Rope Master Jump Rope

Buddy Lee's Cross Trainer Jump Rope

Buddy Lee's Magic Speed Jump Rope

here's the page:

I like Buddy Lee's Aero Speed Jump Rope.

That being said the Boa is also great. The Boa is not as good if you like to do tricks and stuff. But if you just want a rope to do hard basic jump work with...The Boa is a great choice as well.


I find the Boa to be one of the fastest ropes around, and like Taku said, unmatched for just plain old hardcore conditioning style jumping like "running man"
jumps or "double-unders" jumps.

sorry guys...which one is the BOA?

Go to, then click on online store and
then type in "boa" in the search box.

thanks guys

You want to save some money. Buy some nylon rope at hardware store, and a plastic hose. Chop the hose into 4 inch peices and string it through the rope. Use 2 slightly larger peices of tube for handles, you can wrap some string and tape around it for good grip. Keep everything in place with some knots at both ends... now you are ready to start jumping.

I like my everlast for 5 bucks.

I agree, the bulk speedropes at my muay thai gym are just as good as any expensive ones I have used.

the best rope i have used for speed is a $3 rope i got from the local meijers. they come in cheesy colors but are the smoothest rope i've used. they even have a handy plastic case they come in.

Ask Ross about the Aero Speed rope and see what he says.


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