Best Ultimate Fighting team name?

2007-2008 has given rise to some really great new "Ultimate Fighting" teams filled with super tough Ultimate Fighters. These guys are gonna be Ultimate Fighting champions despite only training 3 months!

I think it is time to take a vote on the best new team names.

I nominate the following:

Team Diesel

Team Pitbull

Team Assasin

Team First Blood (Rambo inspired?)

Team Death Row

In order to nominate a team they must be google/myspace searchable. FYI: an easy way to find your favorite new team name is to just think of the most badass name and type it in google. Voila!

Black House.

Black House is no black house anymore due copyright issues.

teamn sacrifice out of alabama no auestion...those guys will eat your first born child

I hear Filho has had difficulty making the cut to MW, so I don't see WW as an option for him, and of course he would be a very small LHW.


I heard some losers in VA calling themselves Bad Newz Kennelz, think the main dude got locked up though


My God what faggotry that was.

Team doing this

Agreed Evil..Black House

40 0z Crew!!

hard drive baby!!!

He Helio read your screen name he would instantly be enraged!

Ive always liked the sound of London Shootfighters

Team Norris

Team UG


LOL @ anyone answering this thread seriously. He managed to say "Ulimate Fighting" 3x in 2 sentences.

GrindHouse MMA Academy.  I like that name... sounds gritty.

...I'm partial to Philadelphia Fight Factory.... they've manufactured some sickass fighters there.

Philadelphia Fight Factory

^yeah, but you have to deal with those awful northeast accents