Best way to use protein shake?

I have just got myself some Muscle Milk and I'm a real novice at this sort of thing. I am trying to really tone myself up but not gain much weight. Obviously I need to build muscle.

The thing is with my work I do not really have much of a chnce to eat before or after a workout. Will the muscle milk be good to use as a substitute for a meal after/before the gym?

I'd appreciate any help.

ttt for an awnser.. I have heard the muscle milk has alot of sugar

ttt for help

Okay, protein powder is just like food, think of it like food and you'll be ok. Whey absorbs faster, so a good time would be after your workout.

You could try making a smoothie out of it if you want:

1 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1 cup berries
1 scoop protein powder (providing 20 grams protein about)

Blend in a mixer until the berries are mixed.

I drink these in the morning.

When do you need protein: all day. Eat it whenever you want.

muscle milk is great before bed because it has caesin and good fats in it..

it is also pretty good pre workout if you have a long workout because of the fats and proteins.. i used to take it 1.5 hrs befor a 2hr workout and liked it..

muscle milk is my favorite store made mix.. the only other things i use i buy and mix myself.. egg and whey.

The Muscle milk really tastes good. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it is.

I know that it needs to be added to about a pint of water but how much powder should I put in? 2 Tablespoons?

Thanks for the advice so far.