Best Weighted Vest

Hey you all, just following up on another thread asking about weighted vests.

I have recently discovered vests made by a company called Resistance Wear.

They are by far the best weighted vest that I have come across.

I highly recommend you check them out.

2200 Dividend Dr.
Columbus, OH 43228
United States of America

Toll Free: 1-888-4-RESIST (473-7478)
Direct: (614) 219-6763
Fax: (614) 219-6762



Is it superior to the Xvest?


Resistance Wear

I have two X-vests and I like them a lot. But...I prefer the design of the resistance wear vest. So to me, the answer to your question is YES.

The X-vest is designed to restrict breathing during exercise, resistance wear is designed not to. I just feel that the resistance wear people have come up with a great concept and executed it well.


It seems you are not happy with your xvests, I will gladly take one off your hands my friend =)


X-vest was intentionally designed to restrict breathing?  Like, on purpose?

V-Max vest is outstanding!

ILVQLOS Above is my training partner. His endorsement is a good one. Former Airborne, SWAT certified, ISR certified, SPEAR certified, CrossFit certified, also Combatives with Kni-COM, Crucible, Cestari, Hockheim, and of course the good old Airborne Rangers.

He runs up the steps of a bank building with his vest.

Also the ramps of a parking garage.

He bought one vest, then returned it and bought a V-Max.

Tom Furman

not the one from ringside

Hey Tom,

Why you givin up my secrets bro?

BTW, I am an ISR seminar attendee, not ISR certified.
(Wouldn't want Luis demanding an explanation, LOL!!)

I have a is looks similar to this it was not as cheap as this one.