Best Workout in 45 minutes?

I've done sort of a lifestyle change with the way I eat, and I've lost close to 50 lbs over the last 3 months - I just joined a gym through my work, and I'd like to start going there during my lunch hour.

I figure I've got about 45 minutes to use - what are some of the best excercizes I can do? Should I just hop on the elliptical trainer for the whole time, or what?

I don't know jack shit when it comes to working out (except when it comes to MMA stuff), so any help is appreciated

Will you be going to the gym everyday you are at work? You may wish to add a small circuit to your workout. Maybe benchpress, squats, and pull-ups. Perhaps you can do one of these exercises per day and then spend the rest of the time on your elliptical until you get your weight to a level you are comfortable with. Then you can spend more time lifting and less on the elliptical. Or you could do bodyweight squats and push-ups at home and spend the gym time on the elliptical.

Most crossfit workouts can be done in less than 45 minutes....or scaled so that they can be done in 45 minutes.

For example, Chelsea and Angie have a 30 minute and 20 minute time limit respectively.

The same can also be said for SCRAPPER's evil little workouts.

do a Crossfit workout somedays, and do a Taku or other Tabata sprint workout on the elliptical, rower, Versaclimber, etc. other days.

Barbell complexes

ok, I know this is gonna be a stupid question. I keep seeing the term "barbell complexes" what are those?

remeber to leave time for a shower before you go back to work. :)

can you workout before or after work?

I don't recommend skipping eating to work out..unless you eat a MRP bar or drink a protein shake after working out.

A barbell complex is several exercises performed consecutively; in other words a giant superset typically consisting of 6-10 exercises done circuit-style for 8-12 repetitions each.

Rest only at the end of each giant superset for one minute or less.

Ross Enamait has a new book out called Never Gymless. His books are awesome , the workouts are all short and intense.

LOL at using machines

I finish the workout at the address below in about 45 minutes. It is based on compound lifts so you'll really be working efficiently with your time.

You could do some cario on your off days in less time on Taku's Interval program (32 minutes at beginning)

I'm fuckin retarded when it comes to proper form when lifting, and I won't have a spotter.

I'm looking to lose weight while maintaining my stength (I had a real problem with losing strength my first few weeks after cutting my caloric intake so drastically)

"Rich Franklin uses a lot of machines. Seems to work well for him."

Great athletes succeed despite of their training, not because of it.

"If you are by yourself, it is stupid to do freeweights without a spotter, especially for someone who doesn't know the proper lifts."

Perhaps one should learn the proper lifts.

45 mins is all you really need to excercise ever. anything over an hour is simply overtraining

It's about intensity not duration. use a treadmill run 1 min at 10-12mph (however fast the treadmill will go) then walk 4mph for 3 minutes. do that 6-7 times

I ride my bike to and from the gym (3+/- miles). While I am there I do PLU or CHU ladders superseted with PU. Do five CHU drop and do five PU do four CHU etc all the down to one. Do three sets of that and then do 50 leg lifts. That takes me about 45 minutes but I am fat, out of shape wimp. People in better shape can do more.

Just play around with your routine. A fella once told me the best way to workout is constantly be in motion. And everyone that said Crossfit and TAKU is dead on, that stuff kills ye.

like i said intensity over duration is always better. id rather hit my body hard for 30-40 min than a long pounding of running 10 miles