Better wrestler Hughes or Evans?

What do you think?


Matt was an all-american all 4 years of college, two in JUCO, two in Div. 1... percentage was good.


Promoter is correct. 2 time JUCO and 2 time D1. My good friend roomed with Matt all 4 years at Lincoln and at EIU. Matt was a very good wrestler.

I never heard of Rashaad as far as wrestling credentials went although he did wrestle at a Big 10 school, MSU..

rashad came within 1 match of AA in Michigan State.Id have to say Hughes

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As far as collegiate wrestling, Im not sure if Sherk wrestled anywhere. I could be wrong though.


"Sherk got out-wrestled by GSP. And so did Trigg. GSP must be real f$%king good."

yes, he damn well is. YOu dont need to wrestle in the NCAA to outwrestle someone who has. Bocek will show that against Edgar as well. Fitch's last opponent also showed. GSP is a wrestling prodigy. Kos is next to GSP's victims of NCAA wrestlers.

The real question is can Rashad stop Tito from taking him down. If so then he wins, if not he gets pounded out.

Well Rashad would kicks Matt's ass so...

Matt had the better wrestling credentials no doubt but Rashad seems to have transitioned his takedown skills into MMA better than just about anyone I have seen.

Hughes is a better p4p wrestler than Rashad. Rashad would win a wrestling match due to the weight difference similar to how Tito barely won his grappling match against Hughes.

Hughs, but I don't think winning %'s matter in this comparison, I think Hughs wrestled D2 and Evans D1, big difference.

Oh, Tito didn't look to bad against Matt in ADCC, I know there's a huge size difference, but it's all we've got.

Rashad, he tosses around 205 lb guys like Hughes tosses 170ers

Beno, Except for the mighty King Salmon, right?


Hughes was a 2-time JUCO and 2-time D-1 All-American.

Evans was a 2-time D-1 National QUALIFIER... did not place in top 8 to become an All-American.

On pure wrestling credentials I would say Hughes. I think Rashad is more athletic though. That may or may not matter.